Southwest Regional Crowd Challenge Information


Welcome to the 2017 New Orleans Healthcare Innovators Challenge!

Throughout 2017 MedStartr has been holding pitch contests in different cities around the US in order to find the best healthcare innovations in the country. In each contest up to four companies will receive up to $150,000 in funding and in kind contributions from our sponsors in addition to funding, raised online during teh challenge. On November 30th and December 1st, the top teams will be invited to NYC to compete for over a million dollars in investments from the MedStartr Venture Fund and our partners on stage at MedStartr Momentum 2017. MedStartr Momentum is our Annual Conference focused on early stage healthcare innovation and investing. As in all MedStartr Crowd Challenges, teams get to the finals by how much the crowd and judges like, follow, try, positively review and engage with the ideas. Especially important is when qualified individuals and companies offer to adopt, pilot, partner, or invest in the ideas. Help us pick the best and cast your vote here

How does an Equity Crowd Challenge Work?

Essentially, we use crowdfunding to determine which projects are the best.  But not just any crowdfunding, MedStartr crowdfunding which is designed just for healthcare innovations.  We know that while the patients are the ultimate beneficiaries of most innovations, they often do not "buy" healthcare innovations directly like you would a movie ticket or a new gadget.  This is why on MedStartr you not only tell your story to patients, but also to doctors, partners at large companies, hospital leaders and investors.  Once our community members and stakeholders see the interest of crowds in your idea, often partnerships and pilots will follow.  We also ask a crowd of amazing mentors and judges to review your projects and tell us what they think.  Based on this massive amount of data and feedback, we will invite the top five teams to pitch at an event in New Orleans where all the major hospital systems, partners, and investors in teh area will be well represented and help make the final judgement.  Winners of teh final pitch contest are all then examined by MedStartr's investment due diligence teams to determine if they are ready to enter the MedStartr Venture Acceleration program in exchange for a small piece of equity (2-6%) in the startup. Teams that win our contests accelerate rapidly and regularly grow 5-10 fold in the following 90 - 180 days.  Read more about how crowd challenges work here.

Contest Rules

For Official Contest rules, please click here.


This contest will be judged by Partners from large healthcare comapnies and institutions that may want to partner, adopt, or license your technologies, members of the MedStartr Mentor Network and the global community of people who care about healthcare innovation. Get a crowd behind your idea that wants to try, adopt, pilot, partner, and invest in your vision and you will get to the finals. It is that simple.  On stage you will be judged by a panel made up of the key healthcare stakeholders: Patients, Providers, Partners, Institutions, Investors and "the Crowd".

Who Should Apply

If you have a great new idea in healthcare at an early or rapid growth stage, we are interested.  For a more detailed listing of some of the areas, please see the official rules

Prize Package and How Everybody Wins

All top teams will be reviewed for inclusion in the MedStartr Acceleration Program which provides up to $150,000 in funding and services healthcare startups need. The package includes design, hosting, software development, legal, accounting, sourcing assistance, introductions, equity crowdfunding optimization, mentors, partner matching, PR, promotional assistance and much more.  Most importantly, in a typical crowd challenge people visit the team's projects over 250,000 times. That is like going to a HIMSS or BIO conferences and being shown to everyone five times,  While winning the pitch contest and "Crowd Choice" awards are not a guarantee of inclusion in the MedStartr Acceleration program, it significantly increases the likelihood.  In a crowd challenge, everyone wins as hundreds of pilots, partnerships, and adoptions worth millions in revenue are also generally closed as well. Apply to win Today! 

Want to Get Involved?

We also need the help of patients, doctors, hospitals, and other partners in choosing the best ideas, testing them, and much more. If you are interested, please subscribe below!         

New ideas succeed in healthcare when people like you get involved. Here are some ways you can get involved with these ideas. Click to get connected to some of the best new ideas in healthcare now: