MedStartr- Startups Love This!

Our offer for startups that are successful on the platform:

We know it is not easy to get across the chasm from great idea to great success in healthcare. This is why we started MedStartr in the first place.

So here is our offer to all startups on MedStartr:

You get the support of a crowd of patients, providers, partners, pilots, mentors, investors, and institutions and our investment fund will take a hard look at your business and seriously consider investing and possibly lead the round.

Our standard deal is to offer a convertible note with a 25% discount and an approriate cap in exchange for pro rata rights to invest in up to 25% of your next round.   

But we won't stop there.

Next we will also help you grow and when it is time to consider additional rounds we will be the most startup friendly advisors you can imagine.  Why?  Becasue we have seen everything go wrong (and right) that could possibly happen and we will be on your side.  We are activist investors for the betterment of healthcare. 

That is our mision.  So straight up, we are here to help you in yours.

Awesome, right?