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About our project

The Electronic Dance Music Club at UCLA presents: Message in a Melody, a fundraising campaign for the department of pediatric oncology at Mattel Children’s Hospital. Cancer doesn’t have to be a scary word. And that’s our Message in a Melody.

Who We Are

The Electronic Dance Music Club at UCLA is a club founded in 2012, whose mission is to provide DJ’s, producers, and fans with a safe space to learn and practice their skills and discuss their interests in the growing music field around us. We share our interests and talents with the rest of campus and the Los Angeles community by hosting and DJ’ing various events on campus and around LA.

We have also been able to bring popular artists to our campus for student enjoyment, some of which including Singularity, Nutrik, and Paul Oakenfold. As a club, we have grown exponentially in the last couple years. This year, we felt that we could use our talents for something greater than ourselves, and put together an event to benefit the community.


What is Message in a Melody?

The event will be on May 26th, 2014 in our Ackerman Grand Ballroom, located on the UCLA campus. It will feature 2 student DJ’s, followed by a headliner. In the time leading up to the event, we will be asking for donations from UCLA students for the cause. Additionally, we will be creating a “cancer wall”, in which students will be able to sign a huge wall with anyone they know that has been affected by cancer. On the night of, this wall will be on display and students will be able to see the far-reaching impact of their efforts. It is our hope that this year will inspire our campus to take action against Pediatric Cancer, and that within a few years, we will have made a very substantial impact on pediatric cancer.

Our Inspiration

This idea was inspired by one of our club members, Elizabeth Matusov, whose friend (Ashley Jenson-Pray) passed away from pediatric cancer in early December. She was an incredibly inspiring individual, and her story touched the hearts of all those around her. Following that, the club members at EDMC felt compelled to use our resources to help aid the fight against pediatric cancer. Read a poem by Ashley at the bottom of the campaign

Everyone in our club has been personally affected by cancer, whether through family members or friends. As a student group on the UCLA campus, we have the resources to reach out and bring forth this powerful cause to our fellow peers, and inspire change.

A piece drawn by Ashley

Why We Need Your Help

Like most new projects, funding is always a challenge but we know with your help the event will be a success and a long-term tradition. With venue bookings, artist, and promotional costs, we need as much help funding the event and for proceeds. It is our hope that we can raise at least $3,000.00 for this event to make it as successful as possible. With your help, this event can become an annual UCLA tradition, and we can make great change in the field of pediatric cancer. This is our first year and will not be the last! Tell a story how you were first to be a part of it!

How We Will Use Your Contributions

All donations raised in the time leading up to the event are going to be donated to the Department of Pediatric Oncology at Mattel Children’s Hospital to benefit the cell therapy clinics. Dr. Moore, a doctor who actually worked with Ashley during her stay at Mattel, is an instrumental part of new research at Mattel Children’s Hospital. This research is exactly what will bring the recovery rate of pediatric cancer to 100%.

Cancer doesn’t have to be a scary word. And that’s our Message in a Melody.

Everyone at EDMC thanks you deeply for your support.

More Information

E-mail Elizabeth
Visit the hospital’s website

A Poem from Ashley Jenson-Pray:

She was just another teenage girl,
Filled with youth and curiosity,
One day she came to discover,
What never seemed like a possibility.
Her world fell apart like never before,
And all she could do was watch idly by,
She wanted to run the other way,
But instead she got ready to fight.
She knew she was a fighter,
For her life had never been easy,
But she found an unknown strength within,
That not even she could believe.
The cancer tried its hardest,
To wither her away to nothing,
But she had a fire in her eyes,
Her life wasn’t for the taking.
She fought her battle every day,
Going through the tunnel to get to the light,
She was a warrior with a passion for life,
By being relentless, she did it..she won the fight.

RIP 12/08/2013


For $ 5 or more

11 Backer(s)

EDMC FAN: Your name will be part of our "MedStartr Supports" signature on the cancer wall. Thank You from, EDMC and everyone involved in cancer research. Every dollar helps and we'll be thinking of you as we dance!

For $ 15 or more

7 Backer(s)

EMDC MP3: Relive the night's music! We'll send you an exclusive link to the set we play at the event. It promises to be an amazing show.

For $ 25 or more

6 Backer(s)

VIRTUAL DANCER: Your name will personally be written on the cancer wall and we'll send you a 4x6 postcard picture! You'll also receive a handwritten thank you from the EDMC team!

For $ 50 or more

4 Backer(s)

VIRTUAL VIP: Your name will personally be written on the cancer wall and we'll send you a 5x7 postcard picture! You'll also receive a handwritten thank you from the EDMC team AND a set list of the event signed by our DJs

For $ 100 or more

5 Backer(s)

BIGGEST FAN: You'll receive all of the above AND a CD recording of the concert!

For $ 250 or more

2 Backer(s) Limited (3 left of 5 )

RECORD EXEC: You'll receive all of the above AND a signed setlist AND have your name featured in the CD liner notes AND a personalized shout out in our video presentation!

For $ 500 or more

0 Backer(s) Limited (3 left of 3 )

SILVER RECORD: You'll receive all of the above AND have you, your business or organization featured on the back label of the CD case design!

For $ 1000 or more

0 Backer(s) Limited (1 left of 1 )

GOLD SPONSOR: You'll receive all of the above AND have you, your business or organization on the front label of the CD case AND a lead contributor one one of the tracks!

For $ 3000 or more

0 Backer(s) Limited (1 left of 1 )

PLATINUM SPONSOR: We would love to have you, your business or organization as our lead donor. You'll receive all of the above AND a special place on the cancer wall AND a personal thank you recorded as the first track on the CD we send out AND dedicated introduction as we open the performance AND a signed CD from our lead performer with a personal thank you!

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