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About our project

The Problem of Breast Cancer:

One-in-eight women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, making it the most common cancer for American women. If detected early, many women may forgo a mastectomy (entire breast removal) for Breast-Conserving Therapy (BCT), which requires both a lumpectomy (tumor removal) and radiation therapy. However, at least one-in-five of these patients require a second surgery after the lumpectomy because of residual cancer. These women must still undergo 5-7 weeks of daily radiation, which is dangerous and expensive.

Helping Women with Early Stage Breast Cancer:

Innoblative’s mission is to provide women with early stage breast cancer better options that will support their emotional and physical wellbeing. We have designed a novel ablation probe for use during a lumpectomy (tumor removal from the breast), which is inserted into the breast cavity after tumor removal and delivers heat (hyperthermia) using safe radiofrequency electrical signals to destroy residual cancer. We believe this will limit the need for reoperation and eliminate the need for radiation treatment in most patients. As a result, patients would no longer have to go through 5-7 weeks of daily radiation sessions and suffer short and long-term side effects.

The Innoblative Team:

Two surgeons, Dr. David Mahvi, chief of Surgical Oncology at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and Dr. Dan McCarthy, surgical resident at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, envisioned the idea during their operations, noticing that early stage breast cancer was sorely lacking a safe, non-disfiguring option. Innoblative has grown into an interdisciplinary team of dedicated individuals with backgrounds in biomedical and electrical engineering, law, business, medicine, and innovation. Our team is dedicated to making cancer treatment more simple and cost effective for patients and the healthcare system:

Tyler R. Wanke, MD, MBA, MEM* – Chief Executive Officer
Jason M. Sandler, JD-MBA* – Chief Operating Officer
Adam E. Piotrowski, MS – Chief Technology Officer
Daniel P. McCarthy, MD, MBA, MEM – VP of Clinical Affairs
Curtis Wang, PhD student – VP of Research and Development
Kate Yeskey, MBA* – VP of Program Management
Victor Simoes, MBA* – VP of Finance
Brian J. Robillard, MS – Engineering Consultant
David M. Mahvi, MD – Chief, Division of Surgery-Surgical Oncology, Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Your Funding Will Help Us Help Patients:

We have tested our technology in computational models and tissue models. We are now seeking at least $15,000 to engage Insight Product Development to co-develop the device for an animal trial.

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