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About our project

Winner of First Prize in the Chicago Health Tech Challenge 2014!

New Breast Cancer Treatment: Heat Instead of Radiation

Thermatome Corporation has developed a method and technology to treat breast cancer; using heat to eliminate radiation following surgery.

Our technology consists of two parts: a disposable balloon containing a heating coil and a control system. At the time of surgery (lumpectomy), the balloon is placed at the lumpectomy site and filled with saline. Using Thermatome’s controller, the saline is heated for ~10 minutes to destroy any remaining cancer cells around the site of surgery. This treatment is called Thermatome Thermal Therapy.

We have developed a prototype which has been successfully tested experimentally and clinically, reported in the International Journal of Hyperthermia (2009 Feb;25(1):47-55). Unique to Thermatome Thermal Therapy, the device is portable, easy to use and requires only standard electrical connection.

What Makes Thermatome Thermal Therapy Special?

  1. Breast cancer is a common disease affecting over 200,000 women annually in the US.
  2. Current breast saving treatment consists of lumpectomy and radiation. Radiation takes 6 weeks and has toxic side effects.
  3. Thermatome Thermal Therapy (TTT) uses heat to kill cancer.
  4. TTT is a one-time treatment delivered by the surgeon while the patient is still under anesthesia.
  5. Thermatome Thermal Therapy needs minimal training and can be delivered at any medical center in the US and abroad.
  6. TTT provides a new breast-saving option for patients with recurrent cancer facing mastectomy.
  7. Thermatome Thermal Therapy will cost approximately $5,000 instead of $35,000 for radiation.

How Can You Help?

With your help we will be able to prepare for a clinical trial and to initiate FDA clearance. Your support could help to bring a safe, effective and less expensive treatment for breast cancer patients worldwide.

Thermatome’s Team

President & Founder: Dr. Kambiz Dowlatshahi is a world renowned breast surgeon based in Chicago, IL. Dr. Dowlatshahi has developed many minimally invasive techniques pushing the boundaries of breast cancer surgery today. He developed Thermatome Thermal Therapy out of need to better treat his patients after surgery. His vision for advanced treatments and passion for patient care drives Thermatome as a company.

Chief Operating Officer & Founder: I, Christopher Valadez, joined Dr. Dowlathshahi over 15 years ago challenged with bringing advanced surgical techniques from the lab to clinical settings. Together we have pushed the boundaries of science and innovation with special focus on breast cancer care. Having witnessed first-hand the effects of radiation, I believe deeply that Thermatome Thermal Therapy is a safe and extremely effective option to treat breast cancer after surgery.

Thermatome Thermal Therapy for Breast Cancer

  • Easier for the patient
  • Simpler for the doctor
  • Lower cost for the payer

Thank you for your support,
Kambiz Dowlatshahi, MD and Christopher J. Valadez

Thermatome has been selected to present at the Chicago HealthTECH Summit on October 23, 2014 in Chicago, IL.


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Pamper yourself! For $500.00, you will receive a gift certificate to Massage Envy good at any of their 1,000+ locations in North America.

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We work together! For $1000.00, your name or you company name will be used in any of Thermatome's promotional material for the next year. Together, we can help to change the game.

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