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Prescription Notification Group, LLC

Founded: 2017
health care / managed care
10-20 employees
Stage: In the Market
The Prescription Notification Group and the Take Meds Now team includes a number of innovative minds from various industries, including Telecommunications, Digital Media Services, Medical Records Management, Technology, and Internal Medicine. Our goal is simple, to provide products and services that target the major crises faced by patients and their families, physicians, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, pharmacies, senior centers, and caregivers. Prescription Notification Group ( is announcing the launch of Take Meds Now, a powerful new medication alert system that can strengthen your support network and improve your overall healthcare. “We are very excited to offer this potentially lifesaving service,” said the Prescription Notification Group CEO James F. Kaus. “Improper usage of prescription medications sends over 600,000 people to the ER and costs over 125,000 lives each year. It is our hope that Take Meds Now can help prevent these injuries and deaths.” Take Meds Now is built using a proprietary closed-loop system that allows users to link their profile with family, friends, and doctors. This is the first medication alert system that offers this unique feature that not only strengthens communications between patients and physicians, it is the first system to offer quantifiable patient adherence measurement to physicians. Users receive detailed medication alerts that include medication images on their computers, tablets, and smartphones. These alerts can be verified with a single click or swipe, which creates a comprehensive medication history. This ensures that patients take their prescription medications correctly, avoiding such costly mistakes as missing or doubling up on doses. Take Meds Now is based on a concept that was the recipient of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine PiNcH (Pitt Innovations) Award due to the innovative features and its impact on empowering the patient with a support system not found in any other medication alert system. Anyone interested in signing up for a Take Meds Now subscription can learn more at Take Meds Now is also available via the Apple Store, Amazon Store and Google Play. The Take Meds Now application was built in partnership with Astir IT Solutions, Inc. “Astir is proud to be a part of this venture. There is no other medication alert system like it on the market,” said Astir IT Solutions, Inc. Executive Vice President Robert Markowitz, “and we believe that Take Meds Now can save countless lives.”
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Take Meds Now
Personal Health Care
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When it comes to your personal health, you are not alone! Take Meds Now is an advanced system that helps you leverage the everyday technology used to ensure that you take your med...
Stewartsville, NJ, United States
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213 Willever Way

Stewartsville, NJ

US 08886

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(732) 492-0158
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