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Information Technology
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The deficiencies and inherent problems with centralized internet model motivated us to develop software using point-to-point communication model. The original idea was to empower a regular user with option available only to big corporations. Now with advent of blockchain and virtualization we see a perfect opportunity to merge these technologies with our software. Open Solutions, Inc. seeks to commercialize the elements of Web 3.0, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), and semantic web that is pertinent to the transition to the decentralized Internet.on to increase efficiencies, and to enable Electronic Health Records (EHR) processing that involve security (specifically data integrity) and privacy provisioning, immutably assuring expressed identities, creating highly robust audit trails and improving healthcare-related security for both providers and patients. Using this technology, Open Solution, Inc has developed the Patient-Centric – Health Information Exchange Platform (PC – HIEP) and the first practical application: DLT-based Electronic Health Records (EHR) Processing software application. The system can be seen on our website,
Projects Created
WS Factory and Aggregator : Web Services Factory and Aggregator (WSFA)

Web Services Factory and Aggregator (WSFA) is a self-generated software platform based on the original ideas of the Semantic Web - an extension of the Web through common framework.

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