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Beyond Lucid Technologies, Inc.

Founded: 2009
Emergency Medical Services / Interoperability
3-5 employees
Stage: In the Market
Beyond Lucid Technologies -- developer of the MEDIVIEW electronic patient care record platform (ePCR) and BEACON Prehospital Health Information Exchange -- provides the Fire and EMS industry's most robust tools to shuttle data between field providers and care facilities, enabling mission-critical, interoperable communications, both in the field at the patient's side (even during disasters); and in the "back-end" environment as a "middleware" tool that enables real-time extraction of actionable insights via a unique modular architecture that can be bolted onto a competitor's ePCR that is used in the field. The second phase of our business is HALCYON Post-Crash Intelligence (patent pending). We will leverage the “prehospital pipes” that we have laid down via the MEDIVIEW BEACON Prehospital Health Information Exchange, to connect vehicles that have been involved in a crash directly with emergency responders, for the first time providing details about the **people** who have been impacted by a crash.
Company Contacts

Suite #240 - 1220 Diamond way

Concord, CA

US 94520

Website URL:
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