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BioMedInnovations LLC

Founded: 2005
3-5 employees
Stage: Prototype/ MVP
BioMedInnovations LLC ("BMI") is based in the heart of North Carolina's world renowned research triangle. BMI is supporting America's leading research institutions in the area of ex vivo organ preservation, to enable cutting edge advancements towards cures and therapies into a range of debilitating and seemingly intractable diseases. In 2020 BMI led a unique public private partnership, in a COVID response initiative, that resulted in the development of SuppleVentTM, an emergency use ventilator, since the recipient of multiple federal and national awards. BMI is now focused on supporting the organ transplant arena and is committed to reducing the transplant waitlist to ZERO, providing hope to half a million Americans on dialysis. We are determined to give the American people, clinicians, and policy makers alike the data and tools needed to preserve donated kidneys longer, allowing them to be transported further to eagerly waiting recipients - truly honoring the lives of the recipient, the donor, and their families. By nature BMI is a collaborative company, valuing the vital inputs and experiences of our patient and family council members alongside leading clinicians and other key stakeholders. Thus we are delighted to offer you the opportunity to participate in this game changing and urgent study. We need to acquire 15 pigs, each serving as both donor and recipient for auto-transplant surgeries. This study will validate BMI's new technology and methods to significantly increase the number of lifesaving kidneys being made available, thereby transforming the lives of millions of Americans. Not only will BMI and waitlisted patients be deeply appreciative of your participation in this study, we intend to include the names of all participants (or a loved one that you may wish to honor) in a new virtual memorial wall under construction on our soon to be unveiled and newly refreshed website.
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PROPEL™ by BMI OrganTransplant
Significantly Advancing the World of Kidney Transplantation
Index Score
Deploying BMI's mobile CardioVascular Emulation technology to demonstrate the quality and viability of donated organs can be significantly extended:An auto-transplantation study of...
Morrisville, NC, United States
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2 Davis Drive

Morrisville, NC

US 27709

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