KnKt'd Health

Founded: 2014
Chronic Illness, Addiction, Homelessness, Disaster Victims and Mental Health / Patient Engagement
5-10 employees
Stage: In the Market
KnKt'd Health brings treatment into patient's everyday lives, using a progressively triggered technology solution (patient app/encrypted cloud database/provider website portal) that enables patients and providers to work collaboratively towards better places of wellness. HIPAA complaint, encrypted and based from current evidenced based practices. With our lego block platform design we are continually able to show that KnKt'd is infinitely scalable and easy to use.
Projects Created
KnKt'd Health : KnKt'd Health

KnKt’d (App ~ Encrypted Cloud Database ~ Provider Portal) Delivers daily patient data, tracks daily treatment outcomes, and fosters treatment engagement.

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1356 Pressler Ct S

Salem, OR

US 97306

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