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Vita-You Solutions

Founded: 2016
Health Personal Care / Skincare
3-5 employees
Stage: In the Market
Vita-You Solutions develops and manufactures all natural skincare products for the treatment of problem skin conditions. We also develop and manufacture using proprietary SOLUBLE technology water-solublizied vitamins and nutrients for the fortification of foods and beverages and supplements.
Projects Created
Clinical Trial for Fungicycle
Index Score
We want to conduct a double blind study to determine the high efficacy of FUNGIcycle, an all natural serum, in treating toe nail fungus and to show it is better than other OTC ant...
Yonkers, NY, United States
$ 35,000 goal
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Company Contacts

Suite 144 - 5 Odell Plaza

Yonkers, NY

US 10701

Website URL:
Contact Us:
(914) 961-2100
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