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MedStartr presents the WarOnCOVID Challenge and Showcase #WarOnCOVID

Our MedMo 2020 World Tour was cut short by COVID-19 so instead of traveling around the world and doing events and contests, we are running a one of our online Crowd Challenges and have declared WarOnCOVID! We are looking for the best ideas that will help us all stay healthy and return to normal.

As in all MedStartr Crowd Challenges, teams get to a final pitch competition based on how much the site visitors and judges share, like, follow, try, pilot, partner, mentor, join and invest in the projects. Top teams based on over 126 metrics we track will be invited to pitch at a live virtual finals event at

Thank you for visiting and your interest in getting involved in COVID-19 focused innovations. Please find some great ones below and please do share this page or your favorites with your community that cares about ideas that will help address the COVID Crisis sooner rather than later!

Sharing is Caring, please help spread the word