iHealthTrust LogoiHealth Trust is a registered 501(c)3 based out of Houston, Texas that serves as our partner in enabling non-profit pass through donationations on the MedStartr.  iHealth Trust was founded to enable the advancement of health information sharing and collaboration and is a mission focused organization.  For more information please contact info@ihealthtrust.com.

Purpose: iHealth Trust is a community owned and directed nonprofit organization whose purpose is to improve healthcare quality and contain rising costs by engaging patients, their healthcare providers, and other authorized entities in the exchange of health information, with assured privacy and anytime-anywhere access, resulting in all stakeholders having complete healthcare information and decision support.

Vision:  To enhance healthcare quality and effectiveness for all patients, the healthcare sector should be supported by an infrastructure made up of interoperable, electronic health records composed of standardized, structured data elements that are exchanged among authorized healthcare organizations and providers across secure regional and statewide networks.

Mission: To improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of the healthcare sector by enabling the delivery of high quality, cost-effective healthcare for all patients by utilizing electronically collected information, serving as a trusted third party fiduciary for the depositor of that information.  

Key Stakeholders: The highest quality of healthcare delivery requires that decision makers have immediate, complete and comprehensive access to healthcare data. Decision makers include physicians and other providers on individual clinical matters as well as other entities who use de-identified data to look at population-based information to improve the process of care.



Manfred Sternberg, JD, CEO


Founded: 2006, Houston, Texas,


Contact: Manfred Sternberg, CEO



Tax ID: # 56-2314187


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4550 Post Oak Place Drive

Suite 119

Houston, Texas 77027

Office: 713-622-4300