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MedStartr Momentum 2016


In healthcare it takes a billion dollars to bring a new drug to market and sometimes years to get through the hospital sales cycle.  MedStartr crowd solutions change the paradigm and let patients, physicians, nurses, hospital leaders, pharma folks, insurance experts, and millions of people inside and outside the healthcare system have a say in what ideas get found, funded, and into practice faster.  The end result is that maazing solutions like these get to market and start helping millions live long better lives next month, not next decade or never.  Why does it work so well?  .


Cyber Monday and Tuesday, November 28th and 29th during the New York's unofficial Healthcare Innovation Week when four other major NYC conferences in healthcare are taking place: Piper Jaffray, Forbes Healthcare, HITLAB Innovators Summit, and the New York eHealth Collaborative's Digital Health Conference.


New York is the intersection of many of the top medical centers in the world, advertising, fashion, and Wall Street.  We are also home to the largest healthcare innovation community that comes together to collaborate to drive innovation, adoption, and investment in some of the most amazing new ideas in medicine.  


The MedStartr community is comprised of patients, providers, partners, innovators, hospital leaders, and healthcare investors.  We are assembling a dynamic line-up of passionate patients, thoughtful physicians, incredible entrepreneurs, innovative partners, early dynmaic healthcare system leaders, and healthcare investors to take teh stage and engage with innovation at the highest levels.

Non-member MedStartr Community Member registration is $500/ticket. Call (530) MED-STARtr x502 to get involved.

We hope to see you there! If you are interested in innovation in health care, this is an event you won’t want to miss!