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WarOnCOVID Challence and Showcase Prizes


Up to ten teams that do well in the 2021 Vision Showcase and Challenge will be entered into the MedStartr Ventures Due Diligence process which may lead to investment of up to 2 million dollars from MedStartr Venture Fund II as well inclusion in the three-year MedStartr Acceleration Program

About MedStartr Ventures:

Since 2017 the MedStartr Venture Funds have been backing some of the most successful new companies in healthcare.  Our first checks typically range from $25,000 - $100,000 and we usually participate in later rounds as well with a cap on investment of 2 Million per team.  Our MedStartr Acceleration Program (MAP) provides over a dozen critical services for startups that cover everything from product strategy to introductions, to months webinars for all teams.  As a result of both the MAP, strategic investing and our vast network of healthcare partners and buyers, our teams have been growing exponentially.  To learn more about MedStartr Ventures please visit

MedStartr Due Diligence Process

Immediately after winning or performing well in a MedStartr Challenge, edStartr Ventures Due Diligence staff will request a series of documents including but not limited to your investor deck, marketing plan, financials, corporate documents, cap table, IP documents, competitive analysis and previous regulatory filings.  After internal review, a call will be scheduled with the MedStartr Investment Review Committee.  If approved, an offer will be made.  If an agreement can be arrived at then MedStartr Ventures funding will be sent via electronic transfer and your MAP will begin.  Typically this includes the assignment of a MedStartr Venture Partner Strategic advisor, several mentors, and a one-week virtual Acceleration Hyper-Accelerator program in our offices in NYC.  See below for more details on the program.

Standard MedStartr Investment Terms

MedStartr Venture Funds typically invest $25,000 to $100,000 dollars and entry into our three-year MedStartr Acceleration Program at first in exchange for 2-8% of founder's equity.  For later-stage companies we typically will invest at the last term sheet terms with additional credit to cover the costs of the MAP. 


MAP Services Listing

Not all companies need or will be provided all listed services, nor is this list exhaustive.  The below represents a list of potential activities provided on an as-needed basis.  Effort for your company will represent approximately 200 hours of Partner, staff, Mentor, or resource time and will be expended over up to a 3-year period.  The program kicks off usually with inclusion in our One Week Hyper-accelerator in conjunction with VentureOutNY.  To read about this program which provides over 40 hours of training and opportunities at stakeholders and investor events, please visit

A.       Strategic MedStartr Venture Partner (MVP) Advisor – our senior leadership team currently consisting of Robert DeLeonardis, Bruce Kaufman, Jon Fair and Alex Fair will be made available with one acting as lead advisor or MVP.  Representing over 120 years of leadership experience and hundreds of deals representing over 80 billion dollars in transactions.  Access to your MVP and their active strategic engagement on your behalf offers critical help when most needed. 

B.       Business/Market Analysis and Planning – Understanding your target market and your competitors is imperative in developing a successful project. Market analysis and research can become a foundation to build a solid business growth plan.  Appealing to patients, doctors, partners, institutions and other stakeholders in healthcare is necessary in developing a successful company, as is knowing what your customers need and what the competitors do not provide them.  MedStartr will help your company understand, identify, and pursue strategic market opportunities.

C.        Introductions and Opportunities – MedStartr will bring your innovation to the potential customers, partners, and events that can advance your company faster.  Your MVP and our Strategic Marketing Facilitator staff will meet with you regularly and discuss the best opportunities for your company.  Agreed upon opportunities will be executed no less than quarterly.

D.       Video Development and Editing – MedStartr and its partners can help in the strategy, development, creation and editing of videos for your company for various platforms from our platforms to social media platforms such as IG, Facebook, youtube, and tiktok.  Videos can provide the emotive and product knowledge content that customers are looking for to decide which innovations to get involved with and are a key element to driving growth of early stage healthcare companies. 

E.        Scripting, Copywriting and Editing – Creating an online marketing or video-based campaign provides an important visual queue, however, scripting for the video and other speaking engagements are also very important. MedStartr experts and Mentors can work with our portfolio companies to develop the cultural context and pitch specifically for healthcare leadership and consumer audiences.  Crafting compelling text that engages healthcare stakeholders is as necessary as appealing to customers in a video.  Specifically, we will work with your team to develop the appropriate language and packaging for your company online and off. Direct mail pieces, web page content, taglines, etc. are scrutinized and reviewed or edited to develop the best content that can lead to your success.

F.        Marketing and Promotion – In communicating the value of your service/product, MedStartr Mentors, partners and staff can work with you to identify the best strategy and function of promoting your product or services to potential customers up and down the healthcare purchaser value chain. Creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings will be executed by capturing market insights, connecting with customers, building a strong brand, shaping the market offerings, and delivering and communicating product value. Marketing strategies and plans will be developed from the information garnered from these steps.

G.       Digital/Social Marketing – Actively sending messages to consumers through emailing, text messaging, web feeds, and display advertising on pages is a necessary strategy in any marketing campaign. Internet-connected devices, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and computers, are well established in most people’s lives. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, blog posts, etc. are an essential part of a successful acceleration.  MedStartr staff and social media resources will provide support in this area as available and needed.

H.       Ongoing Coaching – While acceleration programs compress the ramp-up time for companies, it is not unusual for companies to take up to three years to achieve milestones. Monthly meetings, constant communication, updating, identifying areas of improvement, and editing the messaging and strategy to maximize your company’s level of success is an ongoing process. MedStartr staff, partners, and Mentors will work with your company for up to three years to enable your success.

I.         Mentor Network – MedStartr will work with you to match and engage our network of MedStartr Mentors, Advisors, Investors, and Venture Partners for your company that will enable paid pilots, corporate and institutional adoption, partnerships, accelerated growth, and follow-on funding. 

J.         Partner Proposals – MedStartr will work with you to connect your company to the appropriate organizations that will want to partner with you and become customers as well as help you develop strategic partnering plans to maximize the chances for success.

K.       Resource Access – MedStartr has extensive documentation for startups, everything from business plans to partnership agreements, provisional patents and will assist you in preparing needed documents as needed.

L.        CEO Network – All MedStartr portfolio companies are invited to our Portfolio C-Suite only Slack group and monthly exclusive Investor and CEO events to collaborate with like-minded successful leaders.  By only investing in the best of the best, connectivity to this group of accomplished leaders is considered to be among the most valuable aspects of the MAP.

M.      Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns – MedStartr will enable your company to participate in online crowdfunding with featured status on the MedStartr or assist on any other platform.

N.       Special Events, Promotions and Programs – MedStartr Portfolio companies will receive special invites and access to all MedStartr programs for a period of three years.

O.       Investor Relations – MedStartr can advise and assist in the development of investor documentation, make investor introductions, and will provide strategic assistance in your on-going funding efforts.

P.        Priority Placement in the MedStartr Direct Directory / Marketplace of Medical Innovations.  New in 2020, MedStartrDirect is quickly building a professional sales force that sells into hospitals, governments, medical device companies, distributors, GPOs, Hospital Networks, and Discounted Licensing and Business Development effort as indicated below.

Q.       Additional Services – MedStartr will seek to assist your company in finding success and efforts are not limited to the services listed herein.  This listing is a representative example only.  Once invested in you, your success is our success and we will make every effort to ensure our mutual success.




MedStartr has developed a cohort of partners that are highly interested in working with MedStartr Ventures Portfolio companies and have made offerings of their services available.  While not unlimited, some of these offerings are sizeable and can have a great impact on an early-stage company’s success. 

All partners will be introduced to your company for inclusion in their offering for free or highly discounted support ranging in value from $2,500 to $100,000 each.   

Current partner program offerings include:

·        Amazon Web Services (20-100K in Hosting and Support)

·        Google Cloud for Startups

·        Cohn & Reznick (up to 30 Accounting Hours pro bono)

·        Mad*Pow (10K in Design & Marketing assistance)

·        McCarter & English (90% Discount for first up to 30 Legal work Hours)

·        Moses & Singer (up to 5 hours of legal IP support)

·        Rent24 (3 months co-working space full time for 1 or six months part time for 2)

·        West Communications (Video development and Promotion, iHeart Radio and/or CBS Health interview)

·        Young America Capital (up to 5 hours investment banking preparation)

 Not all services are appropriate for all companies and in aggregate can represent up to $250,000 in additional value at the present time.  

 All partner programs are subject to change, review by the partner, and are not guaranteed. 


Being listed and promoted through our MedStartr Direct entity is a unique benefit to all companies approved for inclusion.  By becoming a MedStartr portfolio company, your solutions will always be highlighted in your category online as well as in live discussions and presentations to clients. Discounted rates for sales derived from the MedStartr Direct service are included for all portfolio companies.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at 530.MED.STAR (530.633.7827)