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How the WarOnCOVID Showcase and Challenge Works

How Does It Work?

Based upon the degree of online engagement (how much people click the buttons on your project and who they are, what they are doing,...) and expert judging, up to ten teams will be selected to participate in a virtual pitch contests for the final round.  The winners of the finals will be entered into the MedStartr Ventures due diligence process and be reviewed for investment and acceleration.  Teams that get further in the process will be more likely to gain MedStartr Ventures investment.

If invited to pitch you will get 3-5 minutes to pitch and an equal time for Q & A for the Judges and Crowd.

The goal is to mazimize exposure for ALL innovations to a large crowd that cares about finding and funding new ideas.  We know everyone running a startup is tremendously busy.  We built this platform and contests like this to maximize how many people can see innovative ideas with minimal effort.  We hope you like it.  Please send feedback to us anytime here!