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I Medic: The Mobile medical monitor

by Peter Benjamin

The power of the consumer to access real time health data is the future. Imedic allows the physician to see your daily vitals via your medical portal anytime anywhere
Brooklyn, NY United States BigData Diagnostics Healthy Living MedStartr Ventures challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: Changes in the patient is the main reason traditional treatment does not work. IF you can flag major changes in real time it makes the data more effective.

About our solution: Our solution puts a real time monitor that can be monitored by a community of users in the hands of the patients and the physicians.

Progress to date:

We built the solution and its only waiting for clients to begin using it. We developed the protoype for another industry and it allowed us to bring real time analysis from the national field and our goal is to bring the benefits to a new client pool. 

About Our Team

Creator: Peter Benjamin

Location: New York

Education: State University of NY at Old Westbury

Bio: With years in the investment community we discovered the only result that works is one that works. We make it happen by bringing solutions to problems.

Hospital Affiliation: Institution

Title: Founder

Advanced Degree(s): B.S in Business

About Team Members

Felicia Benjamin
CDO, in progress
Biography: As a management consultant we are dedicated to bring the innovation we develop for one industry to another. We hire the best and brightest to make the results a reality.
Title: CDO
Advanced Degree(s): in progress
Twitter: @myoffices

About Our Company


Location: 3421 Avenue I
Brooklyn, NY 11210

Founded: 1990


Twitter: @myoffices


Other link:

Other link:

Product Stage: Prototype/MVP

YTD Sales: Working on it

Employees: 5-10

How We Help Patients

This will help patients because it offers a real time outreach program that allows the physician to have a dashboard system that engages their clients daily. Our system offers patients access to treatment if significant changes are seen when patterns show major changes. Imagine if your blood pressure goes up 3 weeks in a row and your doctor gets a notice how effective that would be for the medical community. We will bring real time medicine to the community we serve finally.

How We Help Physicians

When the patient leaves the office they are at the mercy of time. We know that if a physician can have a system that allrts them about a patient in real time it could change the way they treat patients. This is a real time problem between the three month visit system. If you can track changes while the patient is out of the offices you can be more effective to your platform.

How We Help Hospitals

Hospitals need to have data for their outpatients also since most time they are not known by the doctors. This system allows the hospital to put a team together that can monitor the patient while in the hospital as wel as after the initial stay to assure the proper healing of the patient as well as give them notification if something goes wrong while they wait to return for the followup visit. 

How We Help Partners

Many partners can benefit by having a system that offers a real time reporting system for their client base. We know that the information we can provide in real time will make the data they gather accessible easier. The timing of our system will create an opportunity to see the errors when it is crucial. In drug trials the real time feasibility is truly necessary when you have a fragile patient population like the elderly or pediatric data set. Data is only useful if its timely.

Challenge Mission

Key Milestones Achieved and Planned

50 Million users of the product in three years with an insurance madate will offer $100 will be 5 Billion in revenue in three years once adopted. We believe having this as a part of each insurance subscriber package will save billions to the insurance community. We see the growth of our client base due to the increase in elder care in the future. 12% of the market is feasible.

Our Competitive Advantages

We will make revenue by developing a global dashboard for physicians to assist in real time monitoring of patients as they cross over from in patient to outpatient status. We believe as insurance companies seek to maintain their premium levels and decrease their expenses the preventive measures will take center stage. The development of a specific platform that gathers and analyzes the data in realtime is a data hub that can save lives. 

We believe each patient will be able to reduce their expenses by using our platform. Doctors will be able to provide better out patient services if they know what is going on in the lives of the community. Subscription services from physicians and hospitals will make the journey profitable.

Barriers to Entry

We do not have any competitors in the space since it is a fragmented market. We will succeed by combining the various systems in the marketplace with a conduit system that makes all the data make sense. Our analogy is the copper wire to the digital companies. They make the data and use our cable to send it. Our system acts like the true roll out vehicle for the data to finally make sense. When the fitbits of the world need to become really valid to their clients they will join our platforms. We are creating the receptical system for the coming IOT[ internet of things] wave that is coming.

Traction, Funding and Partners

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

We own the rights to the property and the sourcecode and it was developed from our team. We own the platform and the service marks for the brand. We developed this solution from scratch and will deliver it to the end of the world knowing its our work entirely.

Clinical Information

Our real time reporting system was used for a retail team located across the U.S and we saw the ability to place instant parameters on the fly that created a real time reporting action system. We are moving data in real time and our system will not rely on the FDA for approval. Our system takes the doctor into your home with a real time alert system.

Regulatory Status

We do not need a clinical approvment for the data- It is simply a reporter of data with the end user reading what is input from the user.

How we will use the funds raised

We will be using the funds to create a community of medical providers with access to these real time tools that create a medical solution they wished was available for years. We seek to develop the integration APIs that can input the data from devices automatically via bluetooth and via alternative methods. 

Thank You

I had this idea for years now and it was designed to be a preventive tool to see issues in real time using field data to showcase differences in patterns. For at risk patients who do not know they have a problem developing this is the system that can save their lives and save billions in costs for the medical community. Imagine the power of monitoring the outpatient population between visits.



  • image
    Peter Benjamin posted on 29th November, 2016

    Engagement is the key issue that differentiates our platform from others. We built our system to be interactively based within a vibrant community of patients and providers exchanging experiences -(No personal data is shared). Our past brands had over 3B hits on youtube from various engagements and other national media. The platforms in our space all have engagement issues while our apps become a daily destination for our users through incentive based merit programs catered around their input.

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  • Video Presentation
    For more information please see the latest video

  • The symptoms of major illness is usually present way before the occurance
    Many physicians will tell you that the symptoms of major illness is usually present prior to the incident. We believe having trigger points to alert you when major changes happen will be the key element in future preventative medicine. With a major increase in the elderly patient population it is imperative to have a solution to monitor their vitals daily in a reliable manner.

  • Our system also works on pets as well.
    Someone once asked me could we track an elephants vitals. Our answer is no but we can keep a real time record of the vitals once they come in. We can track pets as well. Its not on our front line of services but its also possible as a growth channel. Vet services will be happy to hear about this. The only downside is they won't be entering their own data.

  • Wearables are a 25B marketplace with no continuity among various brands.
    The major issue many patients have is getting their information in real time to the places that can make sense of it. If your data has a a real time monitoring feature with parameters in place to help you make decisions the possibilities are endless. We will break that market very soon. We won't make the wearables but the wearables will tell us what they gathered and that is our secret sauce.

  • We do not have any competitors in the space -
    We are creating a live personal health AI Assistant. When the level of information reaches a certain level of information the AI can start making suggestions to alter the patterns of the user without the need for a live human interaction. Our decision engines create the path to better life skills which results in greater health. The revenue module is based on consolidating the industry capture points into a singularity.

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State University of NY at Old Westbury

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