HC Aware - championing care: 100% patient-consumer focused healthcare assistance

by Rose Rohloff

AAA for auto, now HC Aware for healthcare, assistance to champion when you need help, being the voice of patients and caregivers because data doesn't tell the story, informing & empowering the public
Phoenix, AZ United States Patient Power Tools!

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About our project

The problem we solve: Health system are focused on data and technology as solutions, automating bad processes - and consumers are bombarded with politics and insurance, wellness, needing information about resources available, terminology e.g. patient engagement, care management, care coordination that will directly help them. They need someone to have access to for championing them when in crisis.

About our solution: The average person doesn't care about the detailed information needed until it is too late, HC Aware is AAA for healthcare and so much more. HC Aware is the next thing, bigger than Susan G. Koman The Cure, because it is awareness for all healthcare, all ages. It is also the consumer-patient equivalent of Becker's Hospital Review for information consumers on the industry insights they need. The industry touts patient engagement and Population Health - HC Aware is the only source for teaching the patients, more so their patient champions and the actual Population. HC Aware is a platform for unifying lone 'voices' and solutions and maintaining access to the valuable veteran clinicians that are leaving health systems, retiring.

Progress to date:

Please read the comments from industry experts and those serviced, taught patient engagement throughtout the pages of www.hcaware.com. HIMSS many executives all stated, "What a noble and need mission. You are creating a monumental and needed solution. This is very important and compelling." The I Wish I Had Known campaign needs to be national, a team of experienced executives created around to roll out nationally, and then internationally. It is AAA, bigger than Breast Cancer Awareness, The Cure, Angie's list and Consumer version of Becker's Hospital Review combined. 

About Our Team

Creator: Rose Rohloff

Location: Arizona

Bio: Creator of new healthcare enterprise and peri-op BA; Originator of the first comprehensive healthcare enterprise, integrated workforce, payer modeling system with BI views; designer of the first comprehensive peri-operative BI suite; designer for leading staff scheduling system for the healthcare industry, and enterprise BI for C-suite, Dir/Managers. Being consumer centric with engagement education of the population, in the population - before becoming patients. Solutions are personal & personnel intelligence, with updated methodologies & streamlined processes – so technology can be effective tools to support those solutions; otherwise, healthcare will continue to automate inefficiency. Valuable combined background of nursing, business, healthcare informatics, with success creating industry leading solutions for meaningful analysis. Removal of analysis silos within health systems provides the necessary information for departments, and facilities, to work in concert with each other. Medical care coordination is then effectively achieved across the care continuum. By standardizing and correlating new sets of data with new methodologies, meaningful analysis is achieved with unified, proactive planning among finance, operations, HR and caregivers. By also aligning analysis of care management, palliative care with nursing, positive transformation for quality patient care is sustained for inpatient, outpatient and population health initiatives - setting the stage for a health maintenance continuum. Speaker: • “Full Time Equivalents: What needs to be assessed to meet patient care and create realistic budgets”, Georgia Hospital Association, July 11, 2006 • “Healthcare Executive Seminar: O.R. Systems”, SIS, September 22, 2005 • “Achieving Profitability – Cost cutting initiatives”, HFMA - ANI June 18, 2002

Title: Healthcare Information Consultant

Advanced Degree(s): RN, Business Management - Project and Product Management, Consultant

About Our Company

HC Aware

Location: email www.hcaware.com
Phoenix, AZ 85032

Founded: 2018

Website: http://www.hcaware.com

Blog: http://www.hcaware.com/hcawarenews

Twitter: @hccaring

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hcaware

Other link: http://www.hcaware.com/hcrealstories

Product Stage: Ready

YTD Sales: Working on it

Employees: 1-2

How We Help Patients

This solution is 100% patient focused, more so their caregivers. The quotes throughout the website pages are directly from those who have had patient engagement education; the I Wish I Had Known stories are direct recepients of championing and champion mentoring; the industry expert quotes directly address the outcome need; and the outcome is 100% quality of life, then with reduction of cost. 

How We Help Physicians

Great physicians save time and deliver better care. One recipient of championing stated, "My mom with dementia has a new doctor. It was the most enjoyable visit because I had all the questions lined up for him, and he was so impressed that I could also immediately answer all of his questions." Wonderful clinicians want active, proactive patients, those who care about their care and participate in it. Interoperability is 100% about the patient-consumer as the hub of their own information. 

How We Help Hospitals

Hospitals avoid lawsuits by avoiding problems with active patient championing. Length of stays decrease, medication errors and cross contamination of HAI with patient championing. Costs are reduced as well as readmissions. The goal of a hospital should always be to drive away business because people are healthy.

How We Help Partners

HC Aware transcends all business, all industry - it is the missing piece to all initiatives out there. 

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

The IP I bring to the table are my years of marketing research at the ground level as well as industry expert at the top level - knowing what is going on broad scale and base level, and what is needed to address as solutions.

Clinical Information

HC Aware is a platform solution and not technology. It is about servicing healthcare at the patient, consumer level.

Regulatory Status


How we will use the funds raised

Marketing to attract a team of executives, aligning with other organizations, "free" presentations with Medicare covered for market penetration on a broader scale, building as for profit and nonprofit arm. 

Thank You

This is a mission, and the very needed solution at the base level for improving quality and reducing costs. As a 37 year healthcare veteran, I have never lost my passion for caring. The healthcare industry has shifted from the business of care to big business, with the focus on technology as the solution. Today, everyone has or knows of someone with a horrible healthcare experience, and people are feeling powerless. Review the I Wish I Had Known stories as a very small example of what occurs for thousands of people on a daily basis. Industries only have positive transformation when solutions begin and grow exponentially at the ground level. And, solutions are personal and personnel intelligence, efficient processes then supported by technology tools. I have hours of use case examples of the need for care championing avoiding unnecessary death, injury, costs, and poor quality delivery across the nation. With the turnover of clinicians and continued shortage, schools for nurses and doctors have reduced clinical preparedness. Championing of care will only increase in need.  



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