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Residential Care For Elderly : Small Scale Residential Care Center For Elderly

by Orfigia Kassels

Instead of putting up one big Residential care facility for elderly we want to put several SMALL SCALE units up for about 20 elderly where care is being given in a family minded way by professionals.
Willemstad, VBR Belgium Geriatric Medicine Equity Raise

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About our project

The problem we solve: When old people have to go to a nursing home or resting home it is for many of them hell. Most nursing homes are big place where lots of elderly are being put together on different departments. In some places the elderly themselves have to share their room with others cos beds are not always easy to obtain. It is mostly very alienating for them being forced to live with many others that one does not know and often in a different part of town from where one used to live or in a totally new town on the other side of the country. Keeping the social network or what remains of it is crucial for the elderly to live a happy life...

About our solution: Why not make it totaly different. Lets take the departments of a usual nursing home and spread them geographically. And more over keep them small scale. So doing you can put a residential care unit for elderly in the vicinity of where those elderly people used to live before so that friends and well known place can still be visited. And by keeping it small scale you take away the alienation and can create a sort of big family feeling in those units. Give them all their private room with for instance 3 people together in one sub unit and several of those form one unit... living apart together... But all these units are centrally managed for a lot of the things they require and are encouraged to work together where possible. So doing we keep it cost effective !

Progress to date:

We have already the first unit up and running. It is a place for 20 elderly in residential care and we can also accomodate up to 15 elderly in 'daycare'. They come to the center from 7:30 untill 18:00 o clock. For this kind of service there is also a big demand on the island of Curacao.

When we first approached the ministery of health of the island with our idea there was a bit of disbelieve about if it were feasable to do this kind of small scale residential service.But now after several years of hard work a lots of talks and explaining they see the result and are very pleased. So pleased that they urges us to start up other units a soon as possible cos they have a waiting list of 500 demands for residential care from elderly and their families.

About Our Team

Creator: Orfigia Kassels

Location: Vlaams Brabant

Education: School for higher education - bachelor

Bio: We are belgians who have a project in Curacao. It is a small scale residential care center for elderly. We have already a center for 22 residential elderly and 15 daycare elderly. This center is fully operational. Now we would like to develop other centers all over Curacao because the waitinglist for residential care for elderly is long on the island and there is no decent accomodation for the elderly.

Hospital Affiliation: Small scale residential care center for elderly

Title: CEO

Advanced Degree(s): Bachelor

About Team Members

Fabrice Brasseur
Operations Manager, Bachelor from social school for higher education.
Biography: Worked for 25 years in health care as a therapist in Belgium and abroad. Last ten years worked as a therapist in residential care for elderly in Belgium.
Title: Operations Manager
Advanced Degree(s): Bachelor from social school for higher education.

Randolf Ballentien
Member of the board, Faculty of Dentistry - dentist diploma
Biography: From when I finished my studies to be a dentist i have been a dentist and still work as a dentist. I became involved with this project of elderly care last year as it was very intresting for our island and has lots of potential here on Curacao and in the whole Caribbean.
Title: Member of the board
Advanced Degree(s): Faculty of Dentistry - dentist diploma

About Our Company

Senest Caribbean

Location: Suffisantweg 46c
Willemstad, VBR 01010

Founded: 2014


Product Stage: In the Market

YTD Sales: Less than $250,000

Employees: 5-10

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

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Clinical Information

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Regulatory Status

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How we will use the funds raised

In order to be most cost effective we use existing buldings. Ones we found a place we need to accomodated it for elderly. We need to make changes, renovating it, adding things and place and getting rit of what is not good. We are in fact modeling the place we find into a perfect setting to make a small scale residential care unit for elderly.

But no 2 places are thesame. Depending of what we encounter we need to spend more on this and less on another thing. Sometimes we need to clear walls, add walls and if we are lucky only need to paint the wall. We have to add airco, widen the doors so that a wheelchair can come trough.Make the bathroom accessible for people in a wheelchair. Then we also need to see that the proper furniture is available like a nursing bed for example, side tables, LED TV sets, individual refrigirators, ...

It is importand that elderly try to leave their room as often as they can during the day. The moments that are importand regarding this is the meals. So we need to create a nice restaurant like place where they can eat their meals together in order to improve social relations among them.

Another importand thing for elderly is walking, walking and walking ! If they do no move they will lets make these units most inviting for them to walk around in it. Lets make the garden into a parc with walking lanes, grass and plants, sitting areas for tired walkers, quiet areas for afternoon nap takers, ...

So all this to say that for all the changes we regard necessary in order to make a small scale residential unit for elderly great we need the money. After a while we hope to have enough units in order that part of the money they generate can be used to create new units  as a sort of multiplicating effect ...

Thank You

Most of us will be elderly at some point in the future. Being elderly often means that many things you took for granted up to now are not anymore and you become dependent on people and institutions.

Well let us then give these institutions shape as we would like them to be when we will need to use them ourselves. That is what we are trying to do with the staff of Seniorsresidentie Curacao.

Today's elderly people are the people who have shaped the world in which we live today ... they deserve to end their lives in a nice environment tailored to their needs and wishes, as it is the case with us in our small scale retirement home ...

Please help us multiply this model…


Thank you for your attention…



Investor Info

Market Size

On Curacao are about 150 000 people. There is an official waitinglist for elderly for residential care of about 500 people and 200 people for daycare demand.


Projected 3 Year Growth

We have a goal of setting up one unit every 6 months ones we are fully approved. We have been contacted by governments of other island in the caribbean who are very intrested in our way of doing residential elderly care.

Revenue Model

The government gives a subsidy per day per inhabitant of the nursing home after your institution has been approved. We are in the process of being approved, last stage.


We have been working on this project many years already. We had many discussions with different ministeries and ministers on the island who are importand in being able to elaborate our project.  We have with time made a descent social network for this project cos without it we will never succeed on the island. These peope know us and are very intrested in our way of working and resolving issues they have in elderly care. On small islands you need to build trust and that takes lots of time and effort. 


not applicable for this project.

Due Diligence Docs

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€ 250,000 goal

Orfigia Kassels
School for higher education - bachelor

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