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DispatchCare : Mobile Health App

by Kwamane Liddell

HIPAA Compliant mobile technology that delivers nutritional and medical supplies to patients to prevent readmissions
Emeryville, CA United States 2021 Vision Prevention Home-Based Care 2021 Vision challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: Currently, there are 4 Million unnecessary hospital visits per year and about 2,545 hospitals are facing readmission penalties this year. It is estimated that these penalties will cost hospitals over $43.2 billion. Improper nutritional support is a key driver for costly readmissions. Patients are expected to leave the hospital after a lengthy stay or procedure and go to the grocery store to purchase diet specific foods. When they arrive at the store, they often forget what items fall within their dietary restrictions or are forced to leave due to pain or exhaustion.

About our solution: DispatchCare is a HIPAA compliant store that connects to each patient’s electronic health record and automatically filters products based on their doctor’s orders. DispatchCare gives patients the peace of mind to be able to order the nutritional items they need to recover from the comfort of their own home. DispatchCare offers a cost-effective, in-home option for medical groups to improve surgical outcomes for their patients without needing to hire additional staff.

Progress to date:

We have begun to connect with health systems and have potentially began a mock trial of our app and how it works. Below is a timeline of competitions we have competed in to bring in more money.


November 2020 - MVP Complete; AfroTech 2020 Semi-Finals; Big Bang 2020 - Finals; Comstock’s Magazine Summer 2020 - Startup of the Month

About Our Team

Creator: Kwamane Liddell

Location: California

Education: Saint Louis University

Bio: Kwamane Liddell has helped save lives in Chicago, St. Louis, and Southern Illinois and is an award-winning scholar and healthcare leader. After dropping out of college in 2010, he began his journey in healthcare as a housekeeper at Loyola University Medical Center. He loved the patient interactions and quickly knew that healthcare was the right industry for him. To learn more about healthcare, he waited near the cafeteria every day and asked to sit with anyone who was willing to share their stories. Those conversations led him to nursing school where he quickly advanced through the ranks. Some of his achievements include the St. Louis Business Journal 30 under 30, simultaneously winning national academic awards from three of the largest healthcare leadership organizations at once ACHE, NAHSE, CAHME , and his current role as Director of Business Operations at Dignity Health’s Mercy San Juan Medical Center.

Hospital Affiliation: Alameda Health System

Title: CEO

Advanced Degree(s): BSN, MHA, JD

About Team Members

Clare Hostetler-Tang
Director of Strategy and Marketing, BS, MHA
Biography: Clare Tang holds degrees in community health and health administrations that offer her a unique view of combining business strategy with population health and preventive care. Clare sought out impressive opportunities working for world-renowned and leading organizations for research, medicine, and health policy. As an undergrad, she obtained a semester-long internship with the World Health Organization in Geneva Switzerland where she worked on tobacco-free initiatives. Clare spearheaded the World No Tobacco Day Campaign for 2017 alongside her preceptor and Mentor. As a graduate student at Saint Louis University, Clare landed an internship with the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston working on industry-leading projects for diversity and inclusion as well as physician and workforce development. In addition to her healthcare experience, Clare proved herself to be competitive and educated in the field having won two academic awards from ACHE and NAHSE as a first-year graduate student.
Title: Director of Strategy and Marketing
Advanced Degree(s): BS, MHA

Allyssa Stevens
Director of Digital Transformation , BA, MHA
Biography: Allyssa Stevens is an early careerist, who brings a breadth of experience in business development, marketing, operations, and implementing remote monitoring initiatives. With degrees in political science, social and behavioral science, and health administration, Allyssa offers a unique skill set rooted in a “patient’s first” approach to furthering business initiatives. She is a David A. Winston Health Policy Scholar, a Field Placement Awardee from the Midwest Public Health Training Center, as well as a Graduate Fellowship Honoree from Alpha Lambda Delta. She is also a two-time finalist for the Cleveland Clinic Annual Case Competition where she utilized her healthcare experience to develop a proposal to expand Cleveland Clinic’s geographic footprint in the telemedicine and healthcare insurance space.
Title: Director of Digital Transformation
Advanced Degree(s): BA, MHA

About Our Company


Location: 6399 Christie Ave.
Emeryville, CA 94608

Founded: 2019


Twitter: @DispatchCare


Product Stage: Prototype/MVP

YTD Sales: Working on it

Employees: 5-10

How We Help Patients

DispatchCare is designed to help post-surgical patients navigate discharge orders and heal properly at home through eliminating barriers to basic medical equipment, first aid, and proper nutrition. What makes DispatchCare stand out from competitors is that we can work with patients from pre to post-op.

How We Help Physicians

There are currently 6,146 hospitals in the US and 230,187 medical groups. With massive consolidation in the industry, we will gain market share by approaching medial groups, medical care vendors, and large independent physician panels (i.e. Hill Physicians) as opposed to stand-alone medical groups and hospitals. We are the first in this niche so our target market is all hospitals and medical groups

How We Help Hospitals

There are currently 6,146 hospitals in the US and 230,187 medical groups. With massive consolidation in the industry, we will gain market share by approaching medial groups, medical care vendors, and large independent physician panels (i.e. Hill Physicians) as opposed to stand-alone medical groups and hospitals. We are the first in this niche so our target market is all hospitals and medical groups

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

Has been filed 

Patent Link

Clinical Information

Dispatch Care will help prevent readmission of many people by having everything available through a web app

Regulatory Status


How we will use the funds raised

Upgrade our web-app interface, donate PPE to hospitals, charitable giving to people who can’t afford, bring more employees on

Thank You

Last year, thousands of patients were unnecessarily readmitted to hospitals more than 4 million times. As healthcare costs continue to rise, the Federal Government has fined more than 2,500 hospitals who struggle to prevent readmissions. These unnecessary visits equated to more than $40B annually.

However, there is a solution! A dozen health systems found that providing patients with nutritional supplements reduced readmissions for malnourished patients by up to 30%. All of those systems have accomplished incredible patient outcomes, including four, who collectively saved $4.7M in just six months.  They accomplished this by hiring people to read each patient's chart and ensuring that those patients had access to proper nutrition after they left the hospital.

Unfortunately, most hospitals do not have the resources to hire people to read thousands of patient charts and contact each of them.

DispatchCare is in the development stage of the first HIPAA compliant marketplace that reads electronic health records (EHR) and sends patients order options that are based on their physician’s documentation. Now patients receive the coupons, nutrition options, and order capabilities that are currently done manually. DispatchCare is web-based and compatible with various existing single sign-on platforms which allows it to seamlessly integrate into health systems. DispatchCare does not require any additional clicks, calls, or manual labor.

When patients are in hospitals or at doctor offices, they must 1) understand the doctor’s recommendations, 2) remember what the doctor told them, then 3) go to a store or order online

Patients don’t need to memorize their orders or instructions and they don’t have to go through various departments and people to obtain what they need. DispatchCare is automatically filtered, meaning that everything the patient will see while navigating the store is within their specific dietary plan and order. Currently, they can order food/nutrition supplements and medical supplies. Research has already proven that the process works; we simply made it easier and more accessible.



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