Rx Bandz Autoinjector Bracelet: Wearable Emergency Autoinjector Bracelet

by Jessica Walsh

Rx Bandz© arms patients who need to carry emergency injectable medication with a better solution to save their lives.
Austin, TX United States Medical Device Wearables Emergency Medicine

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About our project

The problem we solve: Over 60 million people in the US are prescribed an emergency injectable medication with them at all times for conditions such as life-threatening allergies, diabetes or if they are at risk for opioid overdose. Despite physicians instructions, two-thirds of patients do not keep their auto-injector with them. For people with severe food or insect allergies, epinephrine needs to be delivered within five minutes of a life-threatening reaction in order to be most effective. The delay in retrieving the auto-injector can result in death. Research shows that patients want innovative injectable delivery devices that are safe, effective, convenient, fit their lifestyle and cost less. Physicians insist patient’s carry their life-saving auto-injectors at all times. Unfortunately, the current designs make it very difficult for patients to comply for these reasons: 1.Temperature Sensitive 2.Confusing To Use 3.Size and Look 4.Embarrassing 5.Expensive

About our solution: RxBandz© provides a better solution for doctors, insurers and their patients. Rx Bandz© auto-injector bracelet is a total re-thinking of a technology that dates back to World War II. We designed the bracelet to fit patients active lifestyles, and the increase of severe allergies among children. Designed with the latest technology it provides the following features; 1.Wearable 2.Thermal Protection 3.Easy to Use 4.Fashionable 5.Less Expensive 6.Customizable 7.Retractable Needle 8.Audible Instructions 9.Wireless Connectivity Thus making RxBandz© a premier and versatile, injectable drug platform appropriate for the delivery of a wide range of medications.

Progress to date:

We made significant traction by leveraging the skills of our team and our shared dedication to save lives. 

We have bench-tested our design and produced our 3rd generation prototype. We also have our US patent and have filed internationally.

It has been very gratifying to see the outpouring of support and encouragement from the anaphylaxis community, medical professionals, parents and patients. In our survey, they told us about their difficulties in carrying current devices. We would love to hear your opinion, too. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Medstartr

We have attracted interest and developed relationships with internationally recognized engineering and FDA compliance firms that recognize the potential of Rx Bandz© as an industry disruptor.


About Our Team

Creator: Jessica Walsh

Location: New York

Bio: Innovator and frustrated Epipen user. Also a seasoned entrepreneur who has run multi-million projects for world renowned construction and engineering firm, senior management positions in technology, business development, digital marketing and team management with expertise Six Sigma and process improvements.

Title: Founder

About Team Members

Julie DeAngelis
Chief Medical Officer, Ph.D
Biography: 8 years diverse pharmaceutical experience with leadership positions within marketing, clinical development and health economics and outcomes research with Astellas Pharmaceuticals.
Title: Chief Medical Officer
Advanced Degree(s): Ph.D

John Dinesen
Chief Engineering Officer,
Biography: Founder and President of IMS Engineering with more than 30 years engineering experience and 15 years within design, prototype, and building complex medical instruments and manufacturing systems in Europe, Asia and the US.
Title: Chief Engineering Officer

James DeAngelis
Chief Financial & Operations Officer,
Biography: Chief Financial & Operations Officer 25 years of corporate financial experience with environmental and biotech focus; 18 years as C-Level Executive with strategic development in intellectual property including manufacturing processes, laboratory analysis for early FDA approval applications, multi-million dollar exits and IPO.
Title: Chief Financial & Operations Officer

Jeffrey Rives Bennett
Chief Development Officer,
Biography: Chief Development Officer 25 years of corporate finance, hedge fund strategy, global equity trading and distribution. Development of private fundraising. Head of US Trading for JP Morgan and Senior ManagerManaging Director for other global firms.
Title: Chief Development Officer

Paul Burnett
Intellectual Property Counsel, PhD
Biography: PhD Patent attorney with 9 years in Intellectual Property as patent agent and attorney. Possesses a deep understanding of the technical, scientific and legal aspects of the pharmaceutical industry.
Title: Intellectual Property Counsel
Advanced Degree(s): PhD

About Our Company

Rx Bandz

Location: 1605 Lakecliff Hills Ln
Suite 100
Austin, Texas 78732

Website: http://rxbandz.com

Other link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YD5K5N3

Product Stage: Prototype/MVP

YTD Sales: Working on it

Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

Rx Bandz© wearable autoinjector bracelet is a lifesaving device that will bring peace of mind for patents, families and care givers who live with the threat of a potential anaphylaxis reaction.

Rx Bandz© was built based upon solid engineering, manufacturing, medical and patentable principals that finally offers patients an easy way to carry injectable medication with them at all times.

Safety Features

• Hides the needle prior to injection and has a passive safety mechanism to prevent accidental firing.
• Needle shroud prevents the user from touching the needle after use.

Easy Adaptation

• Delivers a range of specific therapies for patient needs.
• Automatic needle insertion and injection to a specified depth.
• Allows for different gauges of the hidden needle to match different drug formulations, viscosities and patient body types.


• Innovative easy-to-use wearable design is durable, waterproof, and convenient for patients to have with them at all times; not in a backpack, home or car.


• Personalize via an assortment of different colors and charm medical tags.
• Ability to record personalized voice instructions for administration of medication.

Environmentally Friendly

• Pre-filled syringes may be discarded after use or upon expiration.
• New pre-filled syringes can be inserted; no need to replace device each year.

• Reduced environmental footprint.

How We Help Partners

We help pharmaceutical companies remain competitive, retain market share and support patient-centricity. Our market strategy is to license the device for exclusive use to deliver epinephrine.  This strategy will be used for many other emergency medications because RxBandz© is a versatile, injectable drug platform.

Challenge Mission

Market Size

More than 28 million adults and children in the United States suffer from allergies severe enough to cause death within minutes. Food allergies affect approximately 1 in 12 American children, and is becoming increasingly prevalent. Another 45 million people with unmanaged diabetes, opioid overdose and other conditions require quickly administered, life-saving medications.

Projected 3 Year Growth

Rx Bandz© has made significant progress in creating a disruptive medical device — a wearable, fashion-friendly, auto-injector bracelet that can be customized to deliver a wide range of lifesaving emergency medications. In three years we hope to be finalizing our FDA approval.

How We Will Make Money

Our market strategy is to license RxBandz© for the huge and growing allergy-epinephrine market, and subsequently for other lines of lifesaving emergency injectable medications.  

Due to our smart design, RxBandz© could be retailed at a fraction of the cost of current emergency auto-injectors, appealing to both insurers and patients.

About our Competition

In a sea of pen like autoinjectors Rx Bandz© offers a clearly innovative solution for active patients who want to keep their auto injector literally at hand. We are addressing an unmet need for millions of people who live with the daily trials of anaphylaxis. For patients who no longer want to be chained to the limitations of their auto injector we offer a innovative next generation solution - Rx Bandz©. 


Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

We have been granted our patent and have filed internationally. As part of our patent strategy we have filed a CIP to block potential patent infringment and cover additional design developments.

Patent Link

Clinical Information

We will follow the recommended 505(b)2 FDA approval process.

Regulatory Status

FDA 505(b)2

  FDA 505(b)2 approval process iprovides an expedited and cost effective pathway to market.

- Eliminates most nonclinical studies and efficacy tests.
- Relatively low risk because of previous drug approval

How we will use the funds raised

We will use the funds in part to further our development;


FDA 505(b)2 process

Intellectual Property



Thank You

Rx Bandz© is designed by patients for patients. Many of us live with the daily frustration of having to carry current autoinjectors on the market. We are proud to have crated a desperately needed and innovative solution for millions of people around the world.

Fueled by the passion to save lives and arm patients with a better way to protect themselves, our core team created Rx Bandz© based upon solid engineering, manufacturing, medical and patentable principals. 

Your contribution will help to further the next steps and critical development of Rx Bandz©. Help us in our fight to bring patients around the world a better option and increase their odds of survival.

Jessica Walsh - Rx Bandz© Founder



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    Julie DeAngelis posted on 23rd November, 2016

    RxBandz is a wonderfully innovative, wearable solution to the auto-injector market!

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    Sam Spearin posted on 17th November, 2016


  • image
    Jessica Walsh posted on 17th November, 2016

    Thank you! We think so too. :)

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