Medicine to eradicate HIV: Vanadium compound against HIV

by Enrique Gutierrez

Vanadium complex have virucidal activity against HIV and it is one of the very few known chemical entity which can eliminate viral reservoirs in CD4+ cells and purge the virus from the body
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About our project

The problem we solve:
Current HAART therapy reduces the viral load to undetectable level. But virus persists as provirion in CD4+ and other infected T lymphocytes. Currently there is no drug that targets this provirion.
About our solution:
We need to come up with a chemical entity and we have already spoken with a team of scientist who have agreed to work on your project. In our small observation in few patients we have found vanadium compounds are highly active against HIV and we would like to develop and start a new clinical trial to test our product.
Progress to date:

We did observational studies in small pool of subjects and they have shown increase in CD4+ cells count more quickly in subjects who are taking vanadium complexes. Not only cells have improved but also the CD4/CD8 T cell ratio is improved more quickly than historic cohorts. Please see our video for discussion on this topic.

About Our Team

Creator: Enrique Gutierrez
Location: Florida
Education: Tulane University, USA & Universidad Centr
Bio: Board Certified Physician practicing in Kissimmee for over 20 years. Specialize in treating patient with HIV.
Hospital Affiliation: Epigene Channel
Title: Founder & President

About Our Company

Epigene Channel
Location: 1914 Sir Lancelot Circle
St. Cloud, Florida 34772
Product Stage: Prototype/MVP
YTD Sales: Working on it
Employees: 1-2

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

Compositions and related methods for treating and preventing viral and retroviral infections 
WO 2015148684 A3


Disclosed are pharmaceutical compositions and related methods for treating a subject with a viral or retroviral infection. The disclosed compositions and methods comprise and utilize an effective amount of one or more vanadium-containing compounds and an effective amount of one or more sulfonylureas. In certain embodiments, the viral infection is human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and the compositions and methods improve one or more immunologic cellular parameters, such as viral load, CD4 counts and CD4/CD8 lymphocyte cell ratios in a subject. Also disclosed are methods of improving one or more immunologic cellular parameters that are associated with viral infections such as HIV in a subject, including viral load, CD4 counts and CD4/CD8 lymphocyte cell ratios.

Patent Link

Clinical Information

Patient observation over a period of 5 years was noted and documented. Lab improvement in CD4 T cell count, CD8 T cell count and CD4/CD8 cell  ration is consistent, varifiable and objective measurement. HIV RNA titer is not only reduces to undetectable levels but also remains undetectable for a long period. As these patients are already on HAARTherapy viral titer is already low except in non compliant patient and in patients who develop adverse effects and become non compliant. 

Regulatory Status

We are in the process of filing initial IND application.

How we will use the funds raised

1. Medicinal Chemist to design a new chemical entity incorporating suggested modification.

2. New Chemical Entity will be used to do required Animal testing per FDA

3. Use the Data for IND filing. Designing protocol necessary to conduct all the study.

4. Initiate Phase 1 Clinical Trial and Proof of concept studies


Thank You

Millions of HIV infected patients are carrying dormant virus. If subjects discontinue the drugs then virus comes back causing AIDS. Please see the video for elaborate discussion.

Due Diligence Docs

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