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Welcome to the Community of Informatics Innovators

Our group is dedicated to advancing innovations that focus on improving patient care with the active involvement of Patients, Physicians, Nurses, Administrators, Engineers, and even Lawyers. If your interest is in improving the practice and performance of medicine, than this is the place for you. If you would like to start an innovation community it your city or for your area of interest like this one, please email Thank you for joining us today. We hope you find all you need to help drive innovation forward.
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NICGM real time blood glucose : Setting Diabetics Free

Wearable truly noninvasive continuous glucose monitor and alert system that actually measures blood glucose levels real time (Not interstitial glucose like other CGM system currently available that all require sensor probes inserted into the skin or body)

Tension traction device : An innovative wound healing device to regenerate lost skin

The Tension traction device stretches the skin around a open wound, thereby halving the healing time and preventing need for hospitalisation or skin grafting.

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