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Welcome to the Community of Informatics Innovators

Our group is dedicated to advancing innovations that focus on improving patient care with the active involvement of Patients, Physicians, Nurses, Administrators, Engineers, and even Lawyers. If your interest is in improving the practice and performance of medicine, than this is the place for you. If you would like to start an innovation community it your city or for your area of interest like this one, please email Thank you for joining us today. We hope you find all you need to help drive innovation forward.
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Equity Raise

ArmHug : Portable Phlebotomy station

Manufacturing and packaging cost effective medical supply kits for nurses and mobile phlebotomists in NYC for COVID-19 response

Challenge Winner!

NICGM real time blood glucose : Setting Diabetics Free

Wearable truly noninvasive continuous glucose monitor and alert system that actually measures blood glucose levels real time (Not interstitial glucose like other CGM system currently available that all require sensor probes inserted into the skin or body)


Ulcer Prevention Insoles : Smart Insoles for Preventative Diabetic Healthcare

An insole with a proprietary embedded graphene sensing system, passively monitors the skin’s physiological signals in order to detect early signs of foot ulcers.

SpaceAlarm : Keeping Distance. Prevent Harm.

We are developing the SpaceAlarm, which is a repurposing of existing technology designed to encourage social distancing for all Americans as a response to address the current COVID-19 epidemic.

Antiviral fabrics : mitigate COVID-19 contagion in public spaces

We want to create a fabric that can be hung in restaurants and public spaces to intercept and neutralize infected aerosol and therefore mitigate the spreading of COVID-19 infection.

Equity Raise

Pregnabit - CTG telesystem : Unique technology procedures to improve prenatal care

Nestmedics flagship Product Pregnabit is a mobile medical device that combines a telemedical cardiotocography unit (teleCTG) with expert remote analysis of CTG readouts by qualified medical personnel

myAVOS : Radically rethink dementia patients care

Creation of an eco-system to radically rethink the way we deliver therapies and services to dementia patients, and their care providers


Vanadium complex have virucidal activity against HIV, RNA virus, Glyburide can inhibits pyroptosis( self destruction ) of HIV infected CD4+ cells. Combination of these drug can potentiate HAART drugs.

IMYourDoc: Mobile Remote Care : Real-time communication for patients, providers and staff

A single platform for ALL remote care needs. Not just video only. Real-time image, document and messaging with patients and amongst health professionals that happens around the synchronous video visit

First Outcomes : HlthBots

First Outcome’s HlthBots provide resiliency and on-demand scaling to physician operations, allowing them to meet surge care needs in times of disaster or other health emergency

avoMD : COVID-19

Doctors make decision-assisting bots for doctors

COVID-19 Patient Education : Multimedia Intervention to Improve COVID-19 Health Literacy

Do education video brochures improve health literacy and understanding of COVID-19 in neurosurgery patients?

Equity Raise

BioAssistant Vitals : Wearable medical device for monitoring vital clinical data

Wearable medical device for accurately monitoring advanced clinical insights on respiratory, cardiac, neural, SpO2 and other circulatory health patterns. It hardly requires professional supervision.

Litesprite : Game Your Health

Litesprite's digital therapeutic games for chronic conditions deliver data-driven insight to clinicians & patients. Sinasprite is our clinically-validated mental health video-game.

Hico Health : Adopt A Church, Empower Ourselves

We are a Black-owned, woman-owned, telehealth company that partners with churches to deliver health literacy education and behavioral change instruction to minority populations.

Equity Raise

Biosilver + CEP ->Covid : Biosilver nanoparticles with payload of CEP

Biosilver nanoparticles with payload of Cepharanthine causes disruption of viral cell membrane

Equity Raise

tuzag, Inc. : Health Comes Home

For all of us desperately wanting to age in place, Jaime is our very personal digital companion, protector, and connector to family & providers, keeping us safer, healthier, happier, and free.

Equity Raise

periphEX : alleviating the pain symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy

a proprietary nanotechnology-based solution that diffuses Oxygen Nanobubbles alleviating the pain symptoms of foot Peripheral Neuropathy.

Tidbit : A platform for visual abstracts in medicine

Tidbit lets academics automate the process of visual abstract creation, sharing, and full-text linkage.

DispatchCare : Mobile Health App

HIPAA Compliant mobile technology that delivers nutritional and medical supplies to patients to prevent readmissions

Equity Raise

Natural Antiviral for COVID-19 : Natural Antiviral for COVID-19

Natural Antiviral for COVID-19? Exploring natural inhibition opportunities of Coronavirus and related enveloped viruses

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