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IM Your Doc

Founded: 2014
Healthcare Mobile Communication
10-20 employees
Stage: In the Market
IM Your Doc is a mobile-first real-time messaging and video consult application designed to disrupt patient/provider engagement mimicking existing consumer apps. Anchored in a fully HIPAA-compliant environment, IMYD connects patients to providers and providers to providers, all with real-time delivery and notifications that, together, boost responsiveness, engagement and revenue.
Projects Created
IMYourDoc: Mobile Remote Care
Real-time communication for patients, providers and staff
Index Score
A single platform for ALL remote care needs. Not just video only. Real-time image, document and messaging with patients and amongst health professionals that happens around the syn...
Asheville, NC, United States
$ 100,000 goal
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101 - 1 Boulder Ridge Rd

Asheville, NC

US 28806

Website URL:
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