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REM Occupational Health & Wellness Inc

Founded: 2019
1-2 employees
Stage: In the Market
Research published by the American Journal of Managed Care estimates that an average primary care visit takes around 121 minutes, including 37 minutes of travel time and 84 minutes of clinic time. "Of those 121 minutes, patients spend only 8-12 minutes face-to-face with their doctor. Onsite occupational health clinics such as REM, flip this narrative. REM allows providers to spend as much time as necessary with each patient and eliminate, or significantly reduce, travel and waiting time, while provider efficient, quality healthcare.
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Redefined Exceptional Medicine
Redefined Exceptional Medicine
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By providing onsite health services, injuries/illnesses can be evaluated quickly and efficiently, thereby decreasing the need for outside hospital system usage, which can be quite ...
BIG BEND, WI, United States
$ 20,000 goal
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S10240 Meadow Circle


US 53103

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(414) 315-3122
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