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Patient Education Research Collaboration

Founded: 2019
3-5 employees
Stage: Idea
Our research collaborative team continues to push the boundaries of progress in neurosurgery forward in our effort to develop innovative and effective therapies through our clinical research. We are driven by the needs of our patients and we continue to push forward our scientific research to improve their lives within the field of neurosurgery. By donating to our ongoing studies, you are directly contributing to research that furthers this progress in neurosurgery. We thank you for your partnership. All contributions go directly towards any funding required for carrying out research within our lab.
Projects Created
COVID-19 Patient Education
Multimedia Intervention to Improve COVID-19 Health Literacy
Index Score
Do education video brochures improve health literacy and understanding of COVID-19 in neurosurgery patients?
Pittsburgh, PA, United States
$ 5,000 goal
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Pittsburgh, PA


Contact Us:
(412) 849-5766
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