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Floelle Inc.

Founded: 2010
Women's Health / Medical device hardware
1-2 employees
Stage: Prototype/ MVP
Sales: Working on it
Floelle Inc. provides an effective, non-surgical, and safe solution that will free 500 million incontinent women from inconvenience and embarrassment. The Floelle device is a soft disposable medical device inserted in the urethra. Normally urine flows through its channel. When belly pressure exceeds a certain threshold (as in a sneeze, etc.) the urethra presses against the device, closes the channel to block flow and stops accidental urine leaks. The product has been invented, designed, prototyped and successfully tested in vitro and in vivo in incontinent women. It is unobtrusive and should not be felt once inserted. 96% of the 80 incontinent women interviewed would use the Floelle device. In addition to providing value to women, it will add significant revenue to physician practices, save payers the cost of incontinence surgery, keep incontinent older women out of nursing homes, save Medicare 300 billion dollars a year, keep 8 billion diapers out of US landfills and provide accredited investors with an expected, but not guaranteed, ROI exceeding twenty to one.
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Floelle Inc.
Treating female stress urinary incontinence
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Making 500 million women happy by treating their incontinence without surgery, giving them their lives back.
ACTON, MA, United States
 25,000  pledged of  1,100,000 goal
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Suite 321 - 100 Powdermill Road


US 01720

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(508) 875-3993
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