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Founded: 2020
healthcare / digital therapeutics
5-10 employees
Stage: Prototype/ MVP
OptiChroniX is a Digital Therapeutics start-up set to deliver a new form of therapy for most patients with mild to severe Dementia. Our vision is to create "MyAvos," a smartphone-based buddy for patients with Dementia. The word AVOS encapsulate our ambition; it means "For you," "Elders," Wisdom," "Value," Beyond MyAvos' medical value, we want dementia patients to feel seen by their entourage and family as their old self, engaged, and connected.
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Radically rethink dementia patients care
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Creation of an eco-system to radically rethink the way we deliver therapies and services to dementia patients, and their care providers
Bottmingen, BL, Switzerland
 100  pledged of  150,000 goal
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Haselstrasse 6

Bottmingen, BL

CH 4103

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