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MedBlox, Inc.

Founded: 2018
3-5 employees
Stage: Prototype/ MVP
Health care data is valuable, so much so that individuals are willing to lock it, steal it, or use it for their gain. There are fundamental problems with the current infrastructure models in practice today. Most of these issues revolve around the centralized nature in which health care data is currently stored, leaving it vulnerable. Combine this with more stringent financial penalties and escalating regulatory burden, and you have built an environment that encourages the systematic stranding of health records and data. MedBlox envisions a decentralized, secure, fully encrypted, and legally compliant means of locally or globally exchanging electronic health information not only between providers, health systems, groups, or affiliates, but also between consumers and causes as well. We believe that having decentralized electronic medical data readily available to appropriate institutions worldwide can have significant medical benefits. Data access can help avoid unnecessary medical complications that arise due to incomplete patient medical history, for one example. MedBlox enables the free flow of health information in an unprecedented manner of ease and allows a patient, guardian, or health proxy to validate and actively manage one's existing electronic health record (EHR), thus alleviating much of a provider's burden of possession and compliance in the process. All of this leads to giving back a provider’s ability to focus on continuity of care, making lives better and empowering patients in active disease prevention. MedBlox also facilitates continuous health care innovation through a decentralized ledger technology, backed by the industry's first complete data pipeline. Thus, we are MedBlox and it’s a pleasure to meet you!
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Healthcare Innovation via Patient Centric Interoperability
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We just happen to do it with #Blockchain, and a #PatientCentric approach that allows you, the patient, to #OwnYourRecord.
Riverside, IA, United States
$ 2,500,000 goal
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3045 Peaceful Drive

Riverside, IA

US 52327

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