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Get involved and join us as we can collaborate on informatics innovations that we believe will change the future of healthcare. There are many ways to do this. Start by joining our Informatics Innovations crowd here and get started! You can play an important role in helping drive informatics innovation forward.
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Equity Raise

Nova BioLabs : Spotlight RT personalized cancer test

Nova is developing a truly personalized cancer recurrence test that allows us to focus surveillance on an individual’s tumor abnormalities, instead of the “catch all” methods currently in use.

Medivizor : Health information, personalized. For life.

Helping people diagnosed with illness by providing them the latest, trusted, understandable, medical science, empowering them to make well-informed decisions about their health.

AudibleRx : Consumer Medication Education in AUDIBLE format.

Accessible and consistent medication education, designed for those challenged with literacy, visual impairment, or just learn better by listening.

Christy Health : Your health data in your hands

We offer you a way to collect, manage, and analyze your health data. Take control of what you learn and how you communicate.

Ardha : Hospital Care Coordination Application

Ardha is a hospital-based project management web application that tracks, coordinates and displays task completion by providers and allied health professionals.


MedAux : Automating patient-provider communications

MedAux automates outpatient follow-ups from preparation to post-discharge.

WiseMD : AI-Driven EMR and Diagnostics Platform

A mobile-first EMR that makes AI driven clinical decision support and diagnostics assistant accessible to doctors/physicians at point of care. : TurboTax for Medicare

Because no senior should go through bankruptcy because of healthcare costs.

Equity Raise

Strannik : a broad-spectrum screening and therapeutic technology for the healthcare market

The first technology based upon an understanding of the relationship between cognition, brain function, and pathological onset.

DrCHAT : Virtual Doctor for 2nd Opinion

DrCHAT is a virtual doctor (computer), that can learn the expertise of physicians to help patients (2nd opinion), and healthcare professionals as curbside (specialist) consult, via chatbot interface.

Equity Raise

BeCareLink Multiple Sclerosis : Improving Care of MS Patients with enabling technology

Real time assessment of MS patients using a mobile application using Artificial Intelligence. MS app replace office based test. MS app can more enable regular telemedicine visits to track progress.

SyncHealth Inc : Patient-to-clinician home BP and medication monitoring

Patient-to-clinician blood pressure (BP) monitoring - we deliver home BP measurements and patientreported medication administrations to clinicians, and compare vs clinic measurements.

Equity Raise

Bedside Intelligence : Providing a Co-Pilot for Inpatient Care

Recognizing the presence of a clinical syndrome is often delayed or missed entirely. Our platform provides actionable redundancy for inpatient clinical teams.

ApptoHealth : Alexa for hospitals that also detects emotions

A robotic automation for hospitals to reduce overhead and admin tasks. As patients use their voice to interact with providers, we automatically detect their emotions to better serve & diagnose.

Bonbouton smart insoles are embedded with a proprietary graphene sensing system that passively monitors the skin’s physiological signals to detect early signs of foot ulcers in diabetic patients

Equity Raise

Voyant Diagnostics : Automating Mass Screening

Voyant is developing the first fully automated point-of-care urine diagnostic platform for the connected healthcare provider. Our initial solution supports pregnancy screening in acute care settings.

MedBlox : Healthcare Innovation via Patient Centric Interoperability

We just happen to do it with #Blockchain, and a #PatientCentric approach that allows you, the patient, to #OwnYourRecord.

Take Meds Now : TakeMedsNow - Never forget to take your meds now

Take Meds Now- is an advanced system that helps you leverage the everyday technology you use to ensure that you take your medications exactly as directed.

iTreatMD patient engagement : Rapidly capture and document patient encounter

Point of care workflow app that guides doctors based on a specific condition to generate encounter notes, ICD 10 codes, MIPS, and billing codes

Illuminate Health : Digital Care Assistant

Organize your health, and coordinate your family's care with intuitive: clinical, wellness and secure communication tools.

DIAGNOSE : A Clinical Decision Support System

DIAGNOSE is an inter-operable, evidence-based add-on system to EHR/EMR, allowing physicians to use one system and prescribe non-pharmacological treatments and comply w/ opioid regulations.

TXP Chat : Real time artificial intelligence for organ transplant

transplant more organs while improving outcomes during real-time decisions about organ transplants.

NeuroPath : Bridging the gap between in-clinic and at home patient care

NeuroPath is a patient generated health data and device agnostic platform integrating deep learning approaches from which to develop actionable & adaptive clinical support to improve health care.


Uppstroms : machine-learning app for electronic health records

The machine-learning app uses data on the real drivers of health and comprehensive patient information to identify patients in need of services that address the social determinants of health

Your Care Goals : Personalized Goals of Care and POA

Combining machine learning to evaluate a patient chart and then give personalized counseling for patients to designate their power of attorney and determine their goals of care.

Folia : Because your knowledge matters

Chronic disease patients and their families make important observations every day. Folia captures these insights through easy multiple-choice questions, to enable the best care possible.

Equity Raise

My Testing Project One Two : My Testing Project One Two

My Testing Project One Two

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