Academic Innovation Accelerator

Founded: 2015
Informatics / Innovation
3-5 employees
Stage: In the Market

Ai2 is an accelerator for health informatics innovation. We work with academic centers and industry partners to create communities of innovation, along with industry-academia partnerships that accelerate the adoption of informatics innovation. We have a physical campus consisting of an accelerator lab and "living lab" with real-world clinical space designed for modeling the clinics of future, as well as a virtual campus at, which facilitates the sharing of solutions and applications.

Ai2 community members benefit from hands-on-resources and educational support to develop, validate and demonstrate the value of their innovations using state-of-the-art informatics tools, servers, development resources, advisors, and clinical environments that would normally be cost-prohibitive or out of reach. Comprehensive technological resources connect innovators to longitudinal electronic health records, genomics knowledge sources, and a library of open source HL7, FHIR, and Smart on FHIIR apps. Our collaborations focus on patient care, engagement, and outcomes.

Open-Source, Standards-Based Tools

Explore the three applied informatics use cases:

  • 1.Searchable point-of-care knowledge
  • 2. Actionable point-of-care decision support (DSS) and workflow management
  • 3. Analyzable outcomes relative to population health and resource distributions

In this way, AI2 community members can develop a coherent and scientifically-based view of the world using applied informatics concepts.

Adding Value to Innovation

We do this in three ways:

  • 1.Aggregate resources developed by informatics innovators and standards communities
  • 2.Accelerate market acceptance by connecting innovators to consulting, financial and informatics experts, investors, and industry leaders
  • 3.Provide an infrastructure that allows innovators to plan, design, create, and evaluate new informatics services

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