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Prescription Notification Group

Founded: 2017
Healthcare / Prescription Medication
3-5 employees
Stage: In the Market
THE TAKE MEDS NOW VALUE PROPOSITION: We provide customers with an easy to use notification and tracking system that links family, friends, caretakers, and physicians with their prescription drug adherence. We provide the necessary methodologies to help customers and their support networks take their prescription medications correctly: eliminating missed, doubled, and/or incorrect doses that could result in a trip to the emergency room. With over 600,000 injuries and 125,000 deaths each year due to improper prescription drug usage, Take Meds Now offers you and your family with Peace of Mind. The Prescription Notification Group has a simple focus: leverage advanced technology and industry expertise to help mitigate the various issues plaguing the healthcare industry. Ultimately, it is our goal to provide products and services that target the major crises faced by patients and their families, physicians, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, pharmacies, senior centers, and caregivers. We are comprised of innovators across a number of different industries: including Telecommunications, Digital Media Services, Medical Records Management, Technology, and Internal medicine. It is the unique combination of our experience, expertise, and passion that has fueled the creation of our flagship product, Take Meds Now. Take Meds Now is designed to combat one of the biggest public health crises faced within the U.S: improper usage of prescription medications. THE PREVALENCE OF PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION USAGE 46% of adults take at least 1 prescription drug 11.5% of adults take at least 3 prescription drugs 6.5% of adults take at least 4 prescription drugs 23% of aged 18-24 are on at least 1 prescription drug 46% of aged 55 and older are on at least 1 prescription drug 12.6% of aged 65 and older are taking at least 4 prescription drugs IMPROPER PRESCRIPTION DRUG USAGE COSTS LIVES The misuse of prescription medications has a tremendous cost; both in terms of lives and dollars. Hundreds of thousands of injuries and tens of thousands of deaths occur each year. The countless trips to the emergency room costs hundreds of millions of dollars. Take Meds Now will address patient adherence issues head-on and, for the first time ever, provide physicians with a deep insight into patient performance. It is our goal at the Prescription Notification Group that through the use of Take Meds Now, we can help people take their prescription medications correctly, avoiding the complications and adverse effects caused by accidental misuse.
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Take Meds Now
TakeMedsNow - Never forget to take your meds now
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Take Meds Now- is an advanced system that helps you leverage the everyday technology you use to ensure that you take your medications exactly as directed.
Stewartsville, NJ, United States
$ 10,000 goal
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Company Contacts

213 Willever Way

Stewartsville, NJ

US 08886

Contact Us:
(888) 487-4599
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