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Role(s) in Healthcare Innovation:

Community Leader

Amu Fowler

Founding Director

Civic and Social Organization, Washington D.C. Metro Area

About Me

I thrive on transformation. And the best form of transformation is from an idea in someone’s head to an amazing product. I love advising startup founders, and have had the pleasure of being involved in launching or scaling multiple successful startups. I always end up describing myself as a startup evangelist but I realized something more. • I lead startup communities • I am obsessed with scalable business models • I love rolling up my sleeves up to help with Value Propositions, UX design, technical architecture, team building and all other aspects of a startup • I love helping entrepreneurs envision their ideas & path to market • I always ask the startups “why” & “why not” • I direct a handful of startups at any given time to work on unique ways to bring their products to market Having been an business owner for most of my career, and while having seen both the ups and downs of this world, I would not have it any other way! Are you an entrepreneur? Invested in startups? An avid supporter? Let's talk! Due to Amu Fowler's experience in the startup ecosystem, she is sought after by not only entrepreneurs but also by other startup groups as well as enterprises who want to engage in innovative ideas. Prior to Startups Ignite, Amu Fowler has been the CEO of Akai Technologies, which is sought after by customers who want a unique UX/UI experience coupled with a lean scalable technology solution. Specialties: Entrepreneurship, Brand Evangelism, Information Technologies, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Brand Identity Design and Management, Agile Development, Lean Methodologies.

Interested in solutions for:

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