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Role(s) in Healthcare Innovation:


Delanea Davis, MA

Cloud 9 Online

University of Connecticut

About Me

Delanea is the co-founder of a mindfulness technology & services company that is trailblazing in mHealth and telemedicine. The Cloud 9 Online digital platform provides an at-home healing tool to patients/employees and predictive analytics to medical providers to improve wellness outcomes. This white-labeled platform improves doctor/patient compliance while reducing use of pharmaceuticals. Currently in phase one clinical trials, Cloud 9 Online combines Science-Powered, Clinically Designed Meditation Therapy with cutting-edge technology. Delanea is an expert in market research, organizational psychology and new product development. She also brings more than 20 years of expertise building and leading teams and has a passion for innovation in the insurance and healthcare industries. Delanea is also an avid writer. Her first book personal wellness book, Rune Reading Your Life, is now available at your favorite bookstore or online retailer.

Interested in solutions for:

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I am looking for healthcare innovations:

COVID-19 Mental Health