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Information Technology Visible PC, Motherboards, Microprocessors, portable Computers, Peripherals, PC Support, Printer and Scanner, Networking, Wireless Networking, Operating System, Installing and Upgrading Windows, Window boost Process, Window Desktop Features, Window Storage Management, Professionalism and Communications, PC Components in detail, PC Troubleshooting Strategy, Software Components, PC Architecture, Printer and Ports, Software Problems, Disk Drive, Memory, Monitor and Display Adaptors, Graphic Design, Building PC System, Using Packet Tracer to design networking, I/0 Devices. Electronic Technology Displays, Microcomputer, Information Technology Skills, Signals and Systems, Electronic Digital, System Maintenance, Safety and Health at work, Web Authoring, Computer Application, Computer Aided Draughting (2D), Digital Communication, Software Design, Circuit Design,Design a QPSK/PSK Modulation System, Counter Design using VHDL, Design a Washing Machine and get the code working, Design Traffic Light,Design Integrator Sampling And Reconstruction, Delta Modulation, Pseudo Random, OP AMP INTEGRATOR, Binary Sequences (PRBS) OrCAD, C++, VHDL, VLSI, MATLAB, JAVA. Medical Devices Innovation Project Management Innovation, Applied Biomaterials Validation & Affairs Project, Team Design Project,Computer Aided Design & Analysis(Solidwork), Lean/six Sigmal, Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Device Manufacture.Having collaborated with Medtronic on project to innovate and changed. www.medtronic.com Specialties: Market Research & Electronics Computer Technologies