Rebecca Lombardo

Author of It's Not Your Journey

Farmington Hills, Michigan United States

About Me

At 19 I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and now at 43, I have struggled with mental illness on many levels for years. I have been hospitalized on 4 different occasions for self injury or suicidal ideation. Although happily married, in 2013 I tried to take my own life. Leaving the hospital, I knew I had to make a change. I started writing a blog detailing my struggles and I started hearing from people all over the world. Eventually, I turned that blog into a book that is available now on Amazon. I hear from people daily thanking me for coming forward. I still have my blog and I write for many websites including The Huffington Post. My husband and I now host a mental health podcast. I am frequently on social media offering encouragement and support to others.

Interested in solutions for:

For myself and those I love For my community

I am looking for healthcare innovations:

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