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Role(s) in Healthcare Innovation:


Anja Ellegaard Dahl

OrgSolutions Expert

Management Consulting, Copenhagen Area, Capital Region, Denmark

About Me

I am part of the McKinsey OrgSolutions leadership team within EMEA, working with clients across the region in particularly the Nordic countries, to improve the effectiveness of their organizations through the application of rigorous data and insight on people and performance. The team focuses on: - Improving the long term success of organizations through improving the ‘Organisational health’ - Bringing the latest technology and approaches to enable successful organisation design - Applying predictive analytics and machine learning to answer key talent questions - Driving the effectiveness of top teams - Creating and supporting large scale transformational change programmes To sustain performance and make changes that make a real impact over the long term, leaders need to make conscious purposeful decisions on how to run their business. Organizational health is about getting an organization's leadership to think beyond next quarter's results to build a foundation for sustainable success. Anja holds a Master degree in Sociology from University of Copenhagen, Denmark and a Master of Arts in Environment, Culture and Society from Lanacaster University, UK.

Interested in solutions for:

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