Omid Moghadam

Member of the Board of Directors

Biotechnology, Fayetteville, Arkansas Area

About Me

I am an inventor, scientist, entrepreneur, venture investor and educator. I specialize in launching new ventures with social impact in health and technology. My latest area of focus is oncology and autoimmune diseases of children, where I believe new new ‘omics’ based tests can bring accurate, fast and inexpensive screening to millions. I have inventions in medical imaging, cryptography, microprocessor design, medical devices, diagnostics, digital photography, data science and communications. I loves art, history and travel and in addition to English am fluent in Farsi, Arabic and German. On Sundays I can be found sweating over FT’s Polymath crossword puzzle.

Interested in solutions for:

For myself and those I love For my company

I am looking for healthcare innovations:

Breast Cancer Diagnostics