Role(s) in Healthcare Innovation:

Investor Physician

About Me

In this age of fast-fixes and instant gratification, I've learned that there are no shortcuts, no “secret” methods to achieving your best physical and mental state — optimal health and a radiant appearance results from a process, not a single incident. I draw upon my experience as a clinician, in pharmacology, emergency medicine, cosmetic, anti aging, and regenerative medicines, alongside proven medical techniques to get to the root of my patients' symptoms and then create an effective, customized treatment plan. It is my belief that listening is the best first step in treatment. My patient's needs are my primary concern. My training and background are rooted in traditional medicine, but I've come to fully embrace and practice functional medicine and integrative therapies of traditional Eastern Medicine. I believe a balance of anti-aging medicine and non-surgical cosmetic procedures is the key to achieving emotional, physical, and mental well-being. Throughout treatment I make every effort to guide my patients with safe and effective solutions, blending all the effective and safe medical and cosmetic therapies that we have available today, to stay on the cutting edge, without the cutting… Specialties: Age management, aesthetic medicine, cosmetic non-surgical treatments, nutraceuticals, bio-physiology, regenerative medicine, integrative medicine, hormone replacement therapy, healthy living, wellness, nutrition, holistic medicine