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Control your health with A7: Be treated right, faster, and for less money

by David Levesque

Securely collect and exchange health information for better care at lower cost with patient control!
Redwood City, CA United States HIT MedStartr Ventures challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: Data silos are expensive and harmful. A7 collects all health data, provides patient control to reduce costs, errors, and timelines for treatments. Initial markets are RWE for phase 4 pharma and home care.

About our solution: A7 has open APIs for easy integration and a unique peer to peer data synchronization platform that provides the benefits of the cloud without the security, legal, and cost risks. Technical innovations 1. Collect data from many sources: EHRs, HIEs, Med Devices, wearables, other software or manually: questionnaires (QoL, disease management), allergies, medications, food, genetics, insights algorithms et al. 2. Circle of Trust: patients share health information with the people or organizations they trust; family members, doctors, clinical researchers. 3. Peer-to-peer- no medical data is stored in the cloud. 4. International: 22 languages 5. Liquid data model: all data types and formats, big data like storage capacity. 6. Dynamic user interface presents data in varying ways for different users. 7. No protocol API for high interoperability 8. Extreme traceability 9. Synchronization: data redundancy, distributed data generation, no sync conflicts 10. Ubiquitous patient identification

Progress to date:

We have 25 man years of development. 2 years in production. Raised $1.3M

Customers include: 1 hospital, 1 clinical trial with EORTC the largest Cancer research organization in Europe, 1 home care customer with Abbott, Belgian Gov't and Jolimont Hospital.

15,000 registered users from 20 countries. 

About Our Team

Creator: David Levesque

Location: California

Bio: The current wheels of healthcare are not getting individuals or cultures where they want to go. I'm pleased to be a part of a team at Andaman7, that has created the foundation for healthcare delivery that gets me, my wife, my loved ones and the human race to a place of trust, accountability, healthy habits, and sustainable economics. Reinventing wheels is what I do. There is always a better way and forging that path to continuous improvement is very exciting for me. I have transitioned from my previous career as an entertainer and teacher of joy through music and dancing due to the lack of effectiveness of healthcare as it is practiced today. My previous 20 years of passion work... I have loved dancing and encouraging others to dance since I was 19. Being a professional DJ/MC and Entertainer at Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs is the perfect job for me. I get to create the perfect environment for people to dance, sing and celebrate life. With 20 years of dance teaching experience in ballroom partner dancing like Swing, Salsa and Waltz as well as 17 years as a party DJ teaching the Cha Cha Slide and Thriller I am uniquely qualified to keep the dance floor rockin' all night long. Thanks for learning more about me. I look forward to connecting and learning more about you!

Title: U.S. Business Development Manager

About Team Members

Vincent Keunen
Founder and CEO at Andaman7 (A7 Software), Université de Liège Ir - software engineer - Ingénieur civil, Computer Science, 1983 - 1988
Biography: Founder and CEO at Andaman7 November 2014 - Present A7 Software is a startup dedicated to improving healthcare by providing innovative software technology. Andaman7 is our main product. It's a combination of 1/ for doctors: a mobile electronic healthcare record 2/ for patients: a mobile personal health record 3/ a secure platform to connect them together. See http:// Founder at Management Expertise 1986 - Present Page 2 Management Expertise provides consulting services in the management of companies and information technology. We also run a small business center (60 positions) where you can rent fully equipped office in a great setting (located in Liège, Belgium - 1 hour from Brussels, 3 hours from Paris). Cofounder at S23Y - Software Services For Energy October 2014 - September 2016 (1 year 11 months) S23Y is dedicated to provide innovative software services to the energy sector, worldwide. We launched the StarfishRespect open source platform to allow for all energy concerned companies to innovate together and create a vibrant ecosystem. StarfishRespect is based on the innovative software platform built for Lampiris by Manex (Belgium). Let's disrupt the energy sector to reduce the cost of energy for all, develop sustainable energy sources and allow human communities to develop further, thanks to green and cheap energy. Founder at Yelido November 2014 - February 2015 (3 months) Yelido was created to continue the business of Manex that was not part of the sale of Manex to Lampiris. Today, Yelido is a software provider company which offers a strong experience in services, consultancy and software development. Yelido has been bought and is now being managed by David Wery, past shareholder of Manex with me. CIO at Lampiris April 2010 - December 2014 (4 years 8 months) We are developing PIE2, a revolutionary platform for modern energy providers. PIE2 is a set of modules to enable and automate all activities, with a focus on new ways of working, low cost.
Title: Founder and CEO at Andaman7 (A7 Software)
Advanced Degree(s): Université de Liège Ir - software engineer - Ingénieur civil, Computer Science, 1983 - 1988

Philippe Lemmens
Co-founder at Andaman7, ICHEC Master, Economics, 1983 - 1987 Activities and Societies: AIESEC Leading & Coaching Academy Coaching, 2013 - 2015 Leading & Coaching Academy Orchestrating Innovation by Robert Dilts, 2015
Biography: Co-founder and COO at Andaman7 (A7 Software) September 2016 - Present A7 Software is a startup dedicated to improving healthcare by providing innovative software technology. Andaman7 is our main product. It's a combination of 1/ for doctors: a mobile electronic healthcare record 2/ for patients: a mobile personal health record 3/ a secure platform to connect them together. See http:// Coach at NEST'up March 2014 - Present Coaching entrepreneurs to go from an idea to a fundable business, applying the Lean Startup principles. Chairman of the Board at Elium (formerly Knowledge Plaza) January 2008 - Present Created under the impetus of Olivier Verbeke and Antoine Perdaens (CEOs), Knowledge Plaza is using innovative collaborative technologies to address the growing needs of sharing and managing knowledge at enterprise level. The company focuses on three missions: Innovate - Implement flexible Web-based services such as Knowledge Plaza. Solve - Advise on the secure and effective use of information technologies. Guide - Provide training on information search and the sharing of knowledge. Specialties: knowledge management, social search, enterprise 2.0, enterprise curation. Member of the Board of Directors at Tessares March 2015 - Present Tessares, is the undisputed leader in technologies around Multipath TCP, a technology which strongly improves performance, reliability and security of Internet connectivity. Tessares currently focuses on the commercialization of bonding solutions that allow network operators to efficiently combine xDSL and 3G/4G networks. Partner at Edge Consulting October 2009 - December 2016 (7 years 3 months) Edge Consulting is leading hands-on strategy & management consulting firm for technology intensive companies. We are strongly focused on the client and due to our expert team we always cater for the best solution to them. Edge Consulting has a rounded combination of personalities, best in class consultants and industry experts
Title: Co-founder at Andaman7
Advanced Degree(s): ICHEC Master, Economics, 1983 - 1987 Activities and Societies: AIESEC Leading & Coaching Academy Coaching, 2013 - 2015 Leading & Coaching Academy Orchestrating Innovation by Robert Dilts, 2015

Florent Richy
Life Sciences Lead, Université de Liège MSc, MPH, PhD, Medecine / Public Health / Pharmaco-Epidemiology, 1998 - 2007 Activities and Societies: Royal MOSA Tennis Club , Member of the Concil of Public Health School,, ISPOR Université de Liège PhD, Public Health, Epidemiology and Health Economics, 2002 - 2005
Biography: I am a MPH, PhD level pharmaco-epidemiologist with 12 years of experience (9 years in the pharmaceutical industry and 12 in academia). I have specific interests in creative study design (clinical and observational data), real-world evidence, modern meta-analysis (featuring hybrid designs for instance), patient-level-based medicine applied to drug discovery, market access, reimbursement, PASS, label extension and positive differentiation. So far I have been directly supporting functions including: CEO operations, R&D, medical affairs, drug safety, health outcomes research, market access & pricing and I recently joined the consultancy world. I have an interesting track record of key deliverables as well as team creation and management, as I am also able to positively connect and interact with internal and external stakeholders to deliver game-changing information in a micro-entrepreneurial fashion when necessary. I have been active in the fields of rheumatology, cardiology, neurology, oncology and have published in peer reviewed journals 90% of the full-scale studies I have been responsible for. I am also an out-of-the-box positive thinker, a compulsive reader and a terrible tennis player.
Title: Life Sciences Lead
Advanced Degree(s): Université de Liège MSc, MPH, PhD, Medecine / Public Health / Pharmaco-Epidemiology, 1998 - 2007 Activities and Societies: Royal MOSA Tennis Club , Member of the Concil of Public Health School,, ISPOR Université de Liège PhD, Public Health, Epidemiology and Health Economics, 2002 - 2005

About Our Company


Location: 146 Atherwood Ave
Redwood City, CA 94061

Founded: 2014



Twitter: @Andaman7


Product Stage: In the Market

YTD Sales: Less than $250,000

Employees: 10-20

How We Help Patients

Patients and consumers are at a disadvantage in today’s healthcare system. Doctors and hospitals make it difficult to access and understand your own health information. Andaman7 gives you back the power of your health by collecting all of your health information in an easy to use mobile app and allowing you to share it in the most controllable and secure way possible.

Have you ever wanted a second opinion? Moved from one doctor to another? Or simply had your doctor tell you they don’t have your information and make you repeat yourself over and over again? Or even worse, retake expensive, time consuming and potentially harmful tests? All of this is solved with Andaman7 for free. Andaman7 is paid by health researchers who are making better medicines and only have access to your data if you say so.

How We Help Physicians

Whatever their specific field of activity, health professionals are at a pivotal moment in the evolution of their profession. New technologies have invaded the medical sector for several years and are gradually interfering in the daily life of doctors, nurses, home nurses and other health specialists.

On the other hand, patients are much more informed and wish to participate actively in the health care processes, to be informed in real time and to have the information needed to understand their treatment.

This makes the management of services provided by practitioners increasingly complicated: with less and less time available to provide an increasingly qualitative and personalized service.

Andaman7's mission is to respond, in part, to this problem. On the Andaman7 platform, interactions between healthcare specialists and their patients becomes faster, simpler and more efficient. By installing the Andaman7 mobile application and inviting their patients to do the same, healthcare professionals can interact with their patients about their medical records and exchange information easily.

This exchange of information is done in complete security in both directions (Health professionals ⇒ Patients & Patients ⇒ Health professionals).

The benefits Andaman7 brings to specialists in the medical world are numerous:

  • Follow-up with patients reaction to new treatment
  • Providing on-line patient information for consultation
  • Manage an unlimited number of mobile medical records
  • Easy consultation, with up-to-date medical records

How We Help Hospitals

Due to the steady increase in health care spending, hospitals are faced with a major challenge: improving the quality of their intervention while being under constant pressure on the costs.

Evaluating the actual condition of the patient, and the effectiveness of the care provided becomes vital. A revolution is underway: it will no longer be the technical acts that will be reimbursed, but instead the care providers will also be paid for the result. It is therefore necessary to measure actual results, such as physical functioning or pain levels with the patient. How long after treatment can a patient with low back pain return to work? To what extent is a man likely to experience incontinence or sexual dysfunction after prostate cancer treatments?

In addition, there is a noticed reduction in the length of hospital stays, this creates the risk of an unforeseen deterioration in the patient's condition and therefore an increase in the cost of care.

Andaman7, allows simple and effective interaction with patients at any time, wherever it is. Access to the patient's complete medical records and the sending of dynamic and flexible questionnaires allows the collection of data, structured or not, in order to monitor his/her health at any time. Home care and PROM studies are becoming reality for the benefit of all!

Andaman7 benefits to hospitals:

  • Improved patient satisfaction and hospital image
  • Improved communication with patients
  • Remote monitoring of patients condition
  • Real-time interactions Cost reduction
  • Efficient measurement of the effectiveness of care
  • Measuring patient satisfaction Patient Engagement
  • Conduct of clinical studies from a distance
  • Realization of PROM / PREM studies

Andaman7 Products:

  • A7 Starter - Basic module : transfer documents and medical data from the healthcare specialist to the patient
  • A7 Dual : collate and save patient-generated data in the mobile medical records
  • A7 PROM : management of PROM (and PREM) studies, preparation and dispatch of questionnaires, notification, reception, anonymization and return of results
  • A7 Home Care : remote patient monitoring, home care and care pathways
  • A7 Chat : module for direct communication between practitioners and patients
  • A7 Medication : Sending medication / treatment instructions and reminders
  • A7 Reminders : send reminders about upcoming appointments

Overview of the main functions of Andaman7:

  • Synchronization between patient data contained in the hospital's archive (EHR) and the Andaman7 application on the patient's smartphone
  • Integration of patient-recorded data collected via connected devices in the hospital's EHR
  • Preparation and sending of questionnaires or simple interactive forms to the patient
  • Hospital notification messages on the patient's smartphone (form to complete, instructions to follow, reminder of medication, appointments, ...)
  • Possibility of anonymization of exchanges in the surveys or clinical studies framework
  • Highly secure exchanges: encryption end-to-end, absence of cloud storage

How We Help Partners

Andaman7 solves three problems for partners.

The first problem is having a complete, accurate and up to date health record to reference for use in your solution. Andaman7 aggregates many types of health data from many sources and therefore serves as the best foundation to build analytics, insights or other services on top of.

The second problem is having a patient facing solution. Many partners have hardware or software without the patient facing interface. Andaman7 can easily work with your APIs and our flexible UI to provide a fast and affordable last mile to the patient and into the healthcare IT eco-system.

The third problem is having patient customers. As the Andaman7 user base expands our partners will have access to that user base.

Challenge Mission

Key Milestones Achieved and Planned

We've built the most innovative patient-centered health information management platform with a world class team of experienced technical and operations people.

Over 15,000 people have become registered users in over 20 countries with little promotion. The growth rate is steadily increasing.

We have agreements with three health research organizations, 1 full hospital EMR integration and discussions with many more large pharma customers.

The next inflection point will be a large US based agreement for health research or outpatient monitoring.

Our Competitive Advantages

Andaman7’s technical differentiators and innovations


  1. Collection of any type of data: enables the patient to collect data from other systems like hospital systems, electronic health records, connected sensors and devices or manually, like questionnaires (QoL, disease management), allergies, medications, food, genetics, molecular and others.

  2. Circle of Trust: allows patients to collect their health records and share them with the ones they trust, like: family members, doctors, clinical researchers.

  3. Peer-to-peer remote health: patients can also send data to their doctor and doctors can keep in touch with their patients at home (bridge the patient - doctor gap), no medical data is stored in the cloud.

  4. International: already available in 22 languages

  5. Liquid data model (supports all data types and formats, big data like storage capabilities on mobile, extensibility, international)

  6. Dynamic user interface (present data in varying ways for different actors, (semi) automatic user interface generator)

  7. No protocol API for high interoperability (supports advanced features like questionnaires and forms, uses foundational programming data types with a thin “busine

Barriers to Entry

Healthcare is an expensive market to enter due to slow sales cycles, international regulations, and complexity of the eco-system.

Our advantage is that we have been developing solutions in the market for 25 years so we understand the timing and complexities of the system and how to be successful in providing solutions to the system.

We are early movers in the space of decentralized databases. While there is a lot of talk about it, we are the only company that has implemented it. This becomes more valuable over time as privacy regulations increase and people move around the earth more and more.

Our technology stack is up to date and ready to integrate with current and legacy systems. 

Software developed just 5 years ago will have to be re-written to interface with current health information exchange standards.

Traction, Funding and Partners

Company Stage: Scale up
Initial capital: 200k€ by founder
Capital raised Nov. 2015: 1.3M€
Investors: founders + 11 FFF + regional
public fund (Meusinvest)
Founder investment: 1M€ (cash + assets)

We are raising a second seed round of $1M now from current investors and smart money partners.

Flagship customers are:

EORTC - European organization for research treatment of cancer

Jolimont Hospital


CHU Liege Hospital

Belgian Government

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

All code and images are protected by copyright and owned by A7 Software SA.

Clinical Information

We are currently being used in two studies. Our interface for collecting quality of life data has been approved by the Federal Government, Hospital and Pharma company that are partners in the project. We follow all ISOQOL and ICHOM ePRO and RWE interface guidelines.

Regulatory Status

Andaman7 does not require FDA clearance.

How we will use the funds raised

Funding is for expanding market share in Europe.

If enough is raised it will be used to enter the US market.

The crowdfunding round is a perfect amount to reach our next milestone of obtaining three more pharmaceutical customers.

The follow on funding that is possible through Medstartr fits our overall funding plan of raising a second seed round of $1M with some from strategic smart money US investors.

Thank You

If you or a loved one has experienced the pain of slow, expensive, and incorrect healthcare then we know how you feel. Better information management will improve quality, lower costs and help new medicines and treatments become available faster.

As an example, our CEO takes a pill with no side effects to treat Leukemia, while his son experienced radiation and amputation of his right leg for bone marrow cancer. Better information management leads to better research and medicine that could save millions of lives and billions of dollars.



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