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RevivAll: A Mobile Social Health Network

by Nadia James

RevivAll connects individuals affected by chronic disease—patients, loved ones, caregivers—and encourages behavioral health change with the support of local and virtual health communities.
Philadelphia, PA United States Community Patient Power Tools! MedStartr Ventures challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: More than 75% of U.S. healthcare spending is dedicated to people with chronic conditions. Caregivers are now present in 1 out of every 5 households, and by 2025 almost half of the US population–children included—will be managing at least one chronic condition. Health care in its current state is not equipped to address this problem. Individual behaviors account for 40% of premature deaths in the U.S., while health care accounts for 10%. A handful of hospitals have introduced case management programs that provide coaching and psychosocial support to extremely high risk, high cost patients, but these programs, though effective, are not scalable enough to serve the greater population.

About our solution: RevivAll was designed based on three alternative disease management models: case management, patient activation, and behavioral health. People grappling with major health conditions can share information with one another, participate in forum discussions, monitor their daily health and wellness levels and engage in healthy living competitions. Each element of our social health network is designed to enhance the knowledge, confidence and motivation of our users—encouraging disease management and self-care. The time for RevivAll is now. The average American visits the doctor 3 times per year and spends roughly 52 hours per year searching online for health information. Hundreds of thousands of people have turned to Facebook to find health and wellness answers. RevivAll is a safe space for people in need of easily accessible, locally relevant, supportive health communities to positively influence their health choices both on and offline.

Progress to date:


We released an Android version of our application in late June, and are releasing an iOS version of the app in less than a week.

We're partnering with a major school district in Willingboro, NJ that runs a state-sponsored school wellness program for high schoolers. They will be rolling out our app with their students at the beginning of next month. We are also hosting a community wellness campaign with the city's mayoral office and community health and social service organizations at the start of the new year. We're in the early stages of planning a Philadelphia-based community health campaign in Q2 of next year.



To get to this point, RevivAll's leadership team spent nearly two years researching studies on patient engagement, patient activation, behavioral health, population health, behavioral economics and social media. 50+ healthcare executives from major health systems, insurance companies, social service providers and pharmaceutical companies, as well as public health leaders and patient advocates across the nation were interviewed.

About Our Team

Creator: Nadia James

Location: Pennsylvania

Education: Duke University, BS Economics

Bio: Nadia James is a serial entrepreneur with a knack for brand storytelling, social media and content marketing. After working with Fortune 500 technology, telecom and finance companies with LinkedIn's Marketing Solutions division, Nadia returned to the U.S. to launch Griot Digital, a content marketing consultancy in 2013. With her latest mobile social networking venture, RevivAll, she hopes to yield the power of social media for the good of the people and the healthcare industry.

Title: President & Founder

About Team Members

Drew Harris
Population Health Advisor, DPM, MPH
Biography: Dr. Harris is Program Director for Population Health & Health Policy at the Jefferson College of Population Health and established the nation's first MS in applied population health. The common thread in Dr. Drew Harris' diverse career is a passion for population health and data-driven policy. He has held several research, teaching and advocacy positions promoting population health education, strong community health systems, scientific public health practice and disease prevention interventions.
Title: Population Health Advisor
Advanced Degree(s): DPM, MPH

Bill Zeruld
Digital Health Strategic Advisor, MBA
Biography: Bill Zeruld is a senior executive dedicated to driving innovation in healthcare through transformative strategies, partnerships, and business development activities. He has advised many mature and early stage companies on leveraging data, analytics, and technology platforms to improve care.
Title: Digital Health Strategic Advisor
Advanced Degree(s): MBA

Nancy Chernett
Population Health & Aging Community Intervention Advisor, MA, MPH
Biography: Nancy Chernett spent the latter part of her career as Project Director of Thomas Jefferson University’s Center for Applied Research on Aging & Health, conducting intervention research designed to reduce the health disparities in elderly African American communities and instructing at Thomas Jefferson University in the Jefferson School of Population Health.
Title: Population Health & Aging Community Intervention Advisor
Advanced Degree(s): MA, MPH

About Our Company

RevivAll Inc.

Location: 2401 Walnut St
Suite 102
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Founded: 2016


Twitter: @RevivAllApp

Product Stage: In the Market

YTD Sales: Working on it

Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

Patients benefit from using RevivAll, because it:

  • Serves as a one-stop shop for accessing people, information and tools that motivate behavioral health changes
  • Increases the relevancy of healthy habit-forming to daily life and environment
  • Provides a supportive framework for engaging in preventive health and/or disease management practices, and making and sustaining behavioral health change

How We Help Physicians

Using RevivAll's freely accessible mobile app, physicians and other providers are able to:

  • Better support patients—from high risk, high cost to low and moderate risk levels—in prioritizing self-care and mastering disease management on a regular basis
  • Connect patients at risk of feeling isolated and/or overwhelmed by daily health management tasks to supportive health communities
  • Increase patient access to social and emotional support from people of varying ages, disease stages and experience levels
  • Improve patient satisfaction with patient-physician relationship

How We Help Hospitals

Using RevivAll's freely accessible mobile platform, hospitals and other medical institutions can:

  • Deliver disease management and prevention information to key patient populations
  • Improve healthy habit adoption of chronic diseases across key patient populations
  • Remotely engage the unengageable
  • Connect populations at various stages of risk, age and disease management experience
  • Facilitate team-based supportive care networks
  • Collect data on psychosocial, economic and environmental factors that influence patient behavior

How We Help Partners

Health and wellness companies with patient education products and services can gain marketing exposure with relevant patient populations.

Challenge Mission

Market Size

RevivAll's projected user growth rate was defined based on how many chronic disease sufferers there are in the world, the early stage growth trends of health support communities and social networking apps, and our free price point.

Projected 5 Year User Growth

  • Year 1 - 50,000
  • Year 2 - 300,000
  • Year 3 - 600,000
  • Year 4 - 1,000,000
  • Year 5 - 1,500,000

Total market opportunity based on 5 year projections of sponsored content and market research revenue. Gross margins were calculated taking server, product development, hiring and other costs into consideration.

  • Year 1 - $284,400 (67% gross margin ratio)
  • Year 2 - $2.15M (84%)
  • Year 3 - $4.423 M(87%)
  • Year 4 - $6.95M (82%)
  • Year 5 - $11M (86%)



Projected 3 Year Growth

In three years time we expect to have acquired 600,000 users and be generating $5.1M in revenue with a 87% gross margin. By this point we will have released two major product builds and an array of minor product builds. At this stage, physicians and healthcare organizations will be able to analyze social data collected on our platform and more easily manage large-scale patient engagement and marketing communication initiatives. Patients and caregivers using our app will benefit from product enhancements that continue to encourage online and offline interactions between members and health partners.

How We Will Make Money

RevivAll's two-sided platform is most beneficial to patients, as well as providers and healthcare organizations serving high-need communities who will be able to access the app freely. Our revenue model is built upon various forms of nontraditional, content-based advertising revenue streams including: content promotion, clinical trial recruitment, sponsored challenges and market research.

About our Competition

Compared to health-specific virtual support communities (ie. Patients Like Me) that currently exist, RevivAll is the only tool that is mobile first in its design, hyper-localized and socially interactive. Already existing online health support communities and major social networks like Facebook stop at encouraging digital consumption of health information and user interactions. RevivAll takes patient engagement to the next level by encouraging participation and content creation on the part of the user.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

As RevivAll's product evolves we plan on developing patentable data intelligence and content engagement algorithms/systems. 

Clinical Information

RevivAll plans to conduct research studies related to behavioral health, and patient activation. 

Regulatory Status


How we will use the funds raised

Funding will be spent on the development of a web-based interface for health care and social support organizations to manage their outreach efforts and collect aggregated data on condition- or location-specific health communities.

Thank You

America needs a health revival. More than 75% of U.S. healthcare spending is dedicated to people living with chronic conditions. Caregivers are now present in 1 out of every 5 households, and by 2025 almost half of the US population–children included—will be managing at least one chronic condition. 


RevivAll is based on alternative frameworks for solving the chronic illness epidemic. 

RevivAll, the world's first mobile social health network, was designed to help patients and caregivers connect, where they are, with people who get it. Principle concepts of complex case management, patient activation and behavioral health were infused into our product design in order to support our mission of enhancing people's knowledge, confidence and motivation to make healthier life choices, prioritize self-care and master disease management.

Support us in helping people of all ages, backgrounds and health statuses lighten the burden of chronic disease on their lives by tapping into the power of community! 



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Nadia James
President & Founder
Duke University, BS Economics

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