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About our project

Note: Video is in progress, for now, enjoy Alex Fair Speaking about MedStartr, an integral part of this plan and partner with NYC Bio in making this project happen. He also runs collaborating partner health 2.0 NYC.

The Problem

NYC is the best place to find the resources needed – minds, collaborators, partners, funding, medical centers, and more – but lab and office space is too expensive for startups in science and technology.

The Solution

We propose MOIST, a Wet / Dry Science and Technology Innovation center in Manhattan. The MOISTech Center will be an affordable, accessible and general place for ideas in science and technology (including biotech, medical devices, health tech, Ag, etc.) to become reality. It combines lab space with Office space, meeting rooms, and a machine shop – everything needed to transform ideas into reality.

How the MOISTech Center will Work:

So you have a great idea that you want to bring to market, but need a place to work on it. How many innovative ideas get squelched because there is no affordable space to work in. MOISTech will provide that space at an affordable price. As companies “graduate” from idea to startups to rampup to growth, MOIST will have additional adjacent spaces available for lease.

We are Crowdfunding this project not only to raise the seed capital required, but to show the level of interest by innovators in NYC and around the world. There are many large companies and even the Bloomberg Administration tell us they are interested as well. This project also enables such partners to come forward to support this project now in a very pblic way. If we can show that there is strong interest from the community, then we can get corporate sponsors and public grants we believe.

How will it work for Lab Space needs?

You can start small, renting as little as 5 feet of bench space and a desk. Centralized services like centrifuges, hoods, incubators and autoclaves will also be available.

How big will it be?

Phase 1 of the roll-out is planned for March 2013 of a 10,000 square foot space that could house up to 50 scientists and technology professionals representing perhaps 30 early stage science or technology companies.

What will MOIST be like and how will it grow?

Oaks don’t grow well in the shadow of oaks and we expect the best, brightest, and most independent young minds to join us at MOIST. The nascent MOIST Center will be home to workshops, seminars, and symposia that take advantage of the central location to bring together the best minds to solve the really big problems of our age.

The success of this early stage, self-sufficient center will be a stepping stone for expansion and become the favorite place for free thinking, cutting edge science and technology innovators.

What Comes Next?

In June 2013, once we have achieved lift off we expand vertically and expand space for a Showcase center, as well as additional space for growing companies. The Showcase center will become a worldwide attraction for the hottest technology developed both at MOIST as well as in the most innovative companies in the world.

Why Wet and Dry science and tech in one place?

As the practices of clinical care, data collection, patient involvement, and medical devices merge, it is important that we learn to design all aspects of a total patient solution in one center. By catering not only to wet innovations, but to Health IT, Medical Devices, and consumer technologies all in one center it is expected that we will be more successful in delivering complete solutions with viable go to market strategies.

Why is this good for New York?

Juxtaposing technology and biotech companies allows for ideas to flow and combine, thus fostering an innovation engine, and thus bringing (keeping) jobs in the City.

The Museum of Innovative Science and Technology

MOISTech will also further expand the number of incubators in New York and give all innovators the opportunity to showcase their amazing newest ideas. The MOISTech Museum will also be a popular tourist attraction, representing the only museum where you can see technology that is still in early stage as well as just to market solutions. Combined with crowdfunding technology, the potential for museum goers to be transformed from passive browsers to active participants in new ideas will provide incredible feedback to improve product design, testing, and ideas as well as speed products to market. Additionally, the instant gratification factor of acquiring funding, or providing feedback for great ideas will vastly accelerate innovation in the region and the world.

Why is New York the best place to do this?

No other city in the world has the wealth of clinical and scientific resources, nor the leadership to execute on this idea. Already the emerging capital of Health Tech innovation with more new companies in health tech than Boston or Silicon Valley in the last four years, New York City is a fertile landscape with health tech leaders and teams moving here from around the world. The Bloomberg administration has made a priority of growing the health tech and biotech sectors, as evidenced by the numerous challenge and grant programs they have been running. The Health 2.0 NYC is the largest health innovation group in the world and NYC Bio is a vibrant and engaged community of biotech entrepreneurs. Combined with the ready access to investor capital, proximity to the New Jersey Pharma industry, and the home of more successful agencies than any other city in the world, New York is the ideal place for such an initiative. We also already have enormous tourist traffic and there is no other major science or technology museum in Manhattan.

How we help patients

Patients come from around the world to get access to New York Doctors. Now, they will also come to get the latest technology and see the latest research.

How we help Doctors

Drop in as a member of the MOIST Seminar series and earn CME credits, join a Pilot, and contribute to the cutting edge. Become a Founding Physician and we will also give you access to exhibits before they go live, our monthly newsletter, and put your name on a plaque at the MOISTech Center.

How we help Partners

Similar to how universities and Epcot center work, companies with innovative solutions will have a high volume showcase for their consumer oriented solutions. Support us now and we will keep a spot open for you in perpetuity and add you to our list of sponsors

Thank you for your interest in the MOISTech project. With your support we are confident that this idea can quickly become a reality.

Who is behind this idea?


John Wilson, Ph.D. Cold Spring Harbor, Organizer of NYC Bio

Alex Fair, M.S., Founder of MedStartr, organizer of Health 2.0 NYC

…and a huge cast of otehr we will list once we have everyone’s blurbs!


For $ 10 or more

0 Supporter(s)

TOUR PASS - come visit before the museum opens, get a guided tour!

For $ 50 or more

0 Supporter(s) Limited (100 left of 100 )

DAY PASS - come help out on a project for a day and do some real science - perfect for the budding scientist!

For $ 200 or more

0 Supporter(s) Limited (50 left of 50 )

RESIDENT OPTION - Get to the top of the list by paying the first month rent in advance and get one month free. Entitles you to one desk or one lab bench.

For $ 250 or more

0 Supporter(s) Limited (100 left of 100 )

MEMBER - 6 months - Join as a member scientist who can drop in up to three times a month to run a quick experiment or use the conference room to meet with investors.

For $ 400 or more

0 Supporter(s) Limited (100 left of 100 )

MEMBER - 1 Year - Join as a member scientist who can drop in up to three times a month to run a quick experiment or use the conference room to meet with investors.

For $ 2000 or more

1 Supporter(s) Limited (19 left of 20 )

RESIDENT - SHOE-IN - remove all doubt and move in first, pay a year rent in advance and help us put a downpayment on the place and get two months free. Expected Delivery 3/2013

For $ 5000 or more

0 Supporter(s) Limited (3 left of 3 )

EXHIBITOR - Plaster your Poster with a touch screen for donation or purchases right in our Showcase for Two Months. Expected Delivery 7/2013

For $ 10000 or more

0 Supporter(s) Limited (3 left of 3 )

SPONSOR - Get Your Name in Lights and be associated with helping found the MOIST Center. Also get prime choice of location for your Exhibits.

For $ 100000 or more

0 Supporter(s) Limited (3 left of 3 )

OUR BFFs FOREVER - Call us. 530.633.7827

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