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Cardio Prevent: Cardio Prevent

by Konstantin Siliuchenko

Solution that shortens time for the collection of information for physicians on the work of the cardiovascular system when the they will to make a decision.
Kyiv, Ukraine Cardiovascular Disease Healthy Living Wearables

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About our project

The problem we solve: The real problem is the lack of information important for making decisions about the patient's cardiovascular system and its health. A complete and detailed picture can be obtained in stationary conditions or using the Holters method, which is often very expensive. In a non-hospital environment, the human factor becomes major problem in information provision. The application will solve the following problem - it will automatically keep records and monitor atypical heart rate complementing the results of medical examination.

About our solution: A smartphone and wearable electronics record the performance of the heart. The user evaluates his state of health indicating his activity, medications, pressure measurements. The general journal will be available for evaluation both personally and by physician. The medical stuff can be granted access online. The solution includes Holters pulse measurement method, automatic log, notification system and reminders; information storage and transmission service.

Progress to date:

For today we have:

Test application for IOS

Server storing and analyzing information

Basic interface for the physician

The application supports bracelets of different manufacturers (3 for now)

Ongoing consultations with physicians-therapists / cardiologist / rehabilitation specialist

About Our Team

Creator: Konstantin Siliuchenko

Bio: I am the manager. At my work, I constantly face a lack of information or poor-quality information. My passion is to take away from the person the opportunity to make a mistake.

Title: CEO

About Our Company

Location: 17 Pugachova
Kyiv, 30 04107

Founded: 2016

Product Stage: Prototype/MVP

YTD Sales: Working on it

Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

The application will solve the problem of maintaining a personal journal. The pulse and time records will be maintained automatically. Questions about your well-being are noted by one-touch in application. The collected information can be used to adjust the treatment by a doctor and for a quick response, that it will help to win time for making a decision. Setting up alert systems will let you know when the user will overload his cardiovascular system with unnecessary work. The setting will be done individually. Collected information will allow you to choose the best method of rehabilitation, the schedule of taking medications and avoid heart damaging loads. In addition, doctors can be granted access data online.

How We Help Physicians

The application will relieve work of doctors and nurses obtaining medical records and record them. The received data can be immediately integrated into the medical records. Remote surveillance will also follow as part of telemedicine. Intermediate decision will come possible between hospital and being a home. The app will track the effects of different drugs. Any treatment will become personalized

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

As we have prototype stage, we have nothing to publish

Clinical Information

Our solution relates only to the collection and transmission of information. We can reduce the human factor in the record keeping and speed up the process of obtaining information by the physician.

Regulatory Status

According to FDA, our solution relates to the group B and does not require registration and approval. Nevertheless, we want to get approval from them at current stage

How we will use the funds raised

Further application development and testing

Unification of access to bracelets.

Implantation of solutions to protect information.

Registration of the legal entity and copyrights.

Legal advices - to protect the rights of users and doctors.


Thank You

I decided to start the project after two consecutive strokes of a loved one and the understanding that the second one could be avoided very easily (its reason was an ill-considered walk). Doctors have already reported these little things, which should be noted. This is what we want to give the world - to make sure that everything you need is always near the person - on your hand or in your pocket.



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  • Scheduled update installed
    Today we have installed a test interface for doctors This interface will be filled at the request of doctors. We lay down the basic principle: the pulse rate in time, factors affecting the pulse (activity, stress, etc.) and daily assessment of one's self-health. In a basis also we put diagnostic questions.

  • Update #2
    Our development goes according to plan. We connected to the application another smart bracelet, which once again confirms the versatility of the idea.

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