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by Matt Holland

KnKt’d (App ~ Encrypted Cloud Database ~ Provider Portal) Delivers daily patient data, tracks daily treatment outcomes, and fosters treatment engagement.
Salem, OR United States Patient Power Tools!

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About our project

The problem we solve: The scope of U.S. health problems is jaw-dropping, Chronic illness, mental health & addiction; nearly 70% of the U.S. population struggles daily with 1 or more of these issues and it accounts for 75% of healthcare spending The number of people suffering from these health issues continues to rise, but the number of providers is slowly declining. Add in the current Opioid Crisis & the result is an overworked & understaffed national health system.

About our solution: KnKt'd Health brings treatment into patient's everyday lives, using a progressively triggered technology solution (patient app/encrypted cloud database/provider website portal) that enables patients and providers to work collaboratively towards better places of wellness. HIPAA complaint, encrypted and based from current evidenced based practices. With our lego block platform design we are continually able to show that KnKt'd is infinitely scalable and easy to use.

Progress to date:

Q4 2017: 2 Enterprise Contracts Closed, 1 Enterprise Pilot

Q2 ~ Q3 2017: Enterprise Contract Cultivation and Sales Department Scaling

Q1 2017: Market exploration and re-branding

Q4 2016: 7 pilot accounts

Q3 2016: Accepted into Health Wildcatters Q2 2016: 10 demos’ in system, 2 pilots

Q1 2016: Hard launch of KnKt’d Behavioral Health

Q1 ~ 4 2015: Development, Beta Testing, Soft Launch

There are hundreds of millions of individuals struggling daily with health issues in the U.S. 
We target their providers and Insurers: 
Inpatient Providers, Hospitals, Universities, Outpatient providers, Private providers, States and Counties, ACO and CCO and Peer Support Programs. 
Q4 2017 and beyond was focused on aiding providers tackling the opioid crisis problem in the U.S. 
In late 2018 KnKt'd will be expanding into international markets by invitation from dozens of providers.


About Our Team

Creator: Matt Holland

Location: Oregon

Bio: Matt Holland has been working in the behavioral health field collectively for over 18 plus years in 3 different States in the western United States. After many years working on the ground level, supervising and administrating programs across many health systems, he saw too many huge disparities in the systems he worked in and for. After a time, the dream of KnKt’d was born. Matt continues to advocate for change in the collective health system on various councils and committees. He wrote on the Pulse and continues to write on Huffington Post. Talks frequently on panels and during speaking engagements about the changing landscape of behavioral health and the new era of technology. In his free time, he enjoys reading, hiking, spending time with his family and enjoying the world around him. Best place to find out where Matt is and what he's been up to is on Instagram, .

Title: CEO and Co-founder Synergistic Creations, Inc.

About Our Company

KnKt'd Health

Location: Salem, Oregon 97306




Other link:

Other link:

Product Stage: In the Market

YTD Sales: Less than $250,000

Employees: 3-5

Challenge Mission

Collaborative Strategy

KnKt'd adheres to a sustainable, continual geometric growth model (lean and mean). Keeping an ear to the local, state and federal communities to know where and when to move next. 
We continually reach out to our customers for feedback and direction for what they need, dislike and would find beneficial in the future versions. 
KnKt'd continues to deliver a superior product, at a lower price point to the national system.

Projected 3 Year Growth

We believe in case base selling and the provider advocate model. Using successes of prior clients and their voice to help continue to bring in new customers. 
We target key enterprise clients in each of our specific market areas while also attending conferences, speaking engagements and using digital and print advertising. 
We have come to a place were our organic inbound is beginning to grow at a rate of 1 new lead every 2 weeks, and closing 1 enterprise contract every 6 to 8 weeks.

This year we are projecting between $500,000 and $750,000 ARR, doubling each year if not more.

How We Will Make Money

Primary target market:

Mental Health, Addiction and Chronic Illness providers with clients ages 13+

Current key markets:

Hospitals, Universities, Insurers, States, Counties, ACO’s/CCO’s, Recovery Homes, Peer Support, Outpatient, Inpatient and Private Providers

Market Size:

200+ million known patients in the U.S.

Annual cost to treat $1.5+ Trillion annually

Enterprise Level Contracts:

Currently KnKt’d Health is working 24 contracts towards closing in 6 targeted key markets. All expecting to potentially close prior to the end of the 2nd quarter of 2018.

About our Competition

Worldwide about 2 dozen companies trying to solve the major issues we are facing with a growing and suffering population and shrinking provider base. Unfortunately, these companies cannot deliver the solution the system needs. We continue to keep a close eye on their progression and traction.

Progress with Customers to date

We have multiple Enterprise contracts closed, 3 startegic partners and continually push further and forward into a strong foothold in the market.

New Orleans and Our Company

All communities struggle and need solutions, we at KnKt'd Health believe in helping and taking care of our customers. Without them we wouldn't be where we are or able to reach where we are going.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

  • Patent Pending
  • Trademarks Awarded
  • Proprietary Algorithms 


Clinical Information

KnKt’d connects providers with their patients who struggle with chronic illness, addiction and or mental health issues daily. Giving providers unprecedented insights into the habits, outcomes and tendencies of their patients. Effectively taking treatment out of the office, in-between appointments and into people’s lives.

KnKt’d is HIPAA and 42 CFR Part II compliant, based off evidenced based practices, and built collaboratively with people within the national healthcare system.

Regulatory Status


How we will use the funds raised

We will use the finds to further scale our platform to the needs of the provider.

Thank You

The KnKt'd team has not built one monolithic system that will be resistant to updates once installed. That is the traditional path in health care information technology systems across the globe. KnKt'd has created a system built with Lego-like components that can be highly configured based on needs; this is the key our success. Allowing us to expand KnKt'd based on population need/use and the ability to quickly adjust modules to improve them.



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  • Thanks for voting!
    Greetings everyone, Just wanted to say a quick thank you and we appreciate your support! As we move forward and bring on more providers and patients every month, we continue to demonstrate the effectiveness of the KnKt'd platform in dealing with a myriad of mental, physical and addiction health issues. We have some exciting large health system pilots starting in the near future and will be adapting the KnKt'd Health platform for another huge and vital need that we are blessed and grateful to be part of. Have an awesome rest of your week to all. Best, Matt and the KnKt'd Team

  • You asked, so we are answering! "A bit more on how KnKt'd Health works"
    We have gathered a lot of questions via the instant feedback on MedStartr and will try to answer them periodically using the project updates section! KnKt'd is an App, encrypted cloud data base and provider portal. Provider's choose how to engage their patients/clients by selecting a tracking module or multiple modules to be used daily/weekly to engage, collect, remind. Using our complex push notifications, patients/clients receive notifications throughout the day to answer questions using normal day to day language, to remind them of appointments and or medication, and so much more. Once these questions are answered they are converted using our proprietary algorithms into clinically usable data and color coded for easy visual digestion within 5 seconds of being answered. We build additional modules for all our providers via their feedback or need. The patient/client data is housed within the encrypted cloud data base for 10 years and can be exported to EHR/EMR's or printed for use in hard charts. KnKt'd health not only engages patients/clients outside of the office and in between appointments but also drastically reduces day to day case management burdens. Best way to get more information is to reach out to us directly for a demo today! Our best, The KnKt'd Team

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