Teeth Like New: Genetically regenerate your own teeth

by Lauren Brom

Using 3D printing and genetics to biosynthesize and regenerate teeth
New York, United States Dental Biotech Genetic Disorders

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About our project

The problem we solve: Anyone who gets a dental carie requires restoring the tooth. However, usually dentists 'drill & fill' using amalgam - dangerous; ceramics - weak; or composites - not long lasting. With long term crowns, bridges and dentures or implants the ultimate result. This is a better way to truly regenerate your teeth.

About our solution: Currently dental practices are improvements on ancient drilling and filling. My idea would be to totally regenerate the tooth, without it being more and more depleted, instead, it would be restored, using biosynthetic and 3D printing techniques to create genetically and biochemically identical teeth that will be stronger and longer lasting!!!

Progress to date:

Biosynthetic techniques have improved to such an extent that it is now possible to create hydroxyapatite in the lab for bioindentical teeth. This would be used instead of other inferior materials to literally make teeth like new again!!!

About Our Team

Creator: Lauren Brom

Location: New York

Education: Wits University, Bentley University

Bio: I am a geneticist and biochemist, with an MBA. I love the synergy of creativity with biotechnology for business innovation, especially within the healthcare arena, to focus on improved real world healthcare outcomes.

Hospital Affiliation: Discoverer's

Title: Miss

Advanced Degree(s): MBA

About Our Company


Location: 214 92 Street
New York, 10025

Founded: 2018

Product Stage: Idea

YTD Sales: Working on it

Employees: 1-2

How We Help Patients

Imagine being able to regenerate your teeth instead of having dentists drilling away more and more of the healthy tooth everytime there is a cavity? Instead restore your tooth so it is identical, both genetically and biochemically - to how it was before, using this product, biosynthesized in a laboratory to match your tooth and restore your teeth, making them stronger over the long term, instead of weaker as is the result with current dental practices that lead to crowns, bridges and implants or dentures long term. There has to be a better way to restore teeth and there is - this way!!!

How We Help Physicians

Providers, you want to actually heal people's teeth, you know your best tools are drilling and filling, which is quite old fashioned. What if you could offer your patients a better option, they still need to pay you for you to do this, but this time you are healing their teeth, when they have cavities or bad teeth, you can restore them, using actual tooth material, that is biosynthezied in a laboratory using latest 3D printing to create materials that are biochemically identical to teeth or harder than teeth to improve and restore teeth. Your patients will love you for this. 

How We Help Hospitals

Medical institutions recognize that mouth care and / or bacterial load there can significantly affect overall health. E.g. studies show increase in heart disease with patients with bad teeth. Therefore this is not only a way to help improve dental outcomes, but to improve overall health outcomes in general!!!

How We Help Partners

Do you know how much money you can save, if you could restore people's teeth, instead of having them drilled, and filled and then the filling not lasting long and more and more of the healthy tooth needing to be removed as more invasive techniques are required. e.g. caps, bridges and implants. Instead you could improve outcomes and save money by using this product to restore and regenerate teeth from the start to strengthen them instead of depelete them. The recognition you would get for using this incredible new method would help make you be known as early adopter, world renown innovators and healers. For improved real world outcomes. 

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

My intellectual property is patented and some is trade secret. 

Patent Link
In process

Regulatory Status

We are looking for funding to get trials and go-ahead underway

How we will use the funds raised

The money will be used to help FDA clearance and improvements. 

Thank You

Do you really want to carry on going to a dentist that drills away of your healthy tooth and replaces it with dangerous (amalgam) or weak (ceramic) materials that in the long run require more and more of your tooth to be drilled away until you end up with needing implants or dentures? What if there was a better way to truly restore your teeth like new? Enter synthesizing in a lab your tooth from the same material so it is biochemically and genetically identical to your tooth and thereby restores your tooth instead of weakening it over the long run. 



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