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Neurogen: Harnessing Neurogenesis to regenerate the brain

by Cheryl Johnston

Our Project aims to prove that non-invasive stem cell treatment can regenerate the brain and thus recover motor and cognitive functions in a diverse range of disorders, such as Stroke,TBI and CP.
Sandton, GT South Africa Clinical Interventions Regenerative Medicine Biotech

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About our project

The problem we solve: The provision of Stem Cell treatment via surgical methods in disorders/acquired injuries such as Alzheimers, Dementia, Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Brain Injuries, Caudal regression Syndrome, Parkinson’s and Epilepsy is still in development, with costs predicted to be prohibitive for many years to come. This excludes the vast majority of people being able to access treatment to regain their quality of life.

About our solution: Non-invasive stem cell therapy allows us to harness existing neurogenesis within the individual to produce stem cells for as long as it is required via subcutaneous delivery which induces the production, differentiation and migration of stem cells in the brain to damaged areas. It is cost effective and attainable for everyone.

Progress to date:

Step 1

Strategic planning: Strategic Objectives and determination of partners and operational requirements. This has been completed.

International collaboration: we have  issued memorandums of understanding to various collaborators at universities worldwide.

Step 2

Funding and resources: We have resources and expertise in position currently and are now looking for funds so that we can begin Phase 1 of the clinical trials.


About Our Team

Creator: Cheryl Johnston

Location: Ghat

Bio: Many years of Management experience in the Corporate Environment. Independent Researcher since 2012. Published Research Papers. Reviewer of Scientific Articles. M.Sc Psychology Suma Cum Laude. with a focus on Neurogenesis. Voted as one of the top 100 Difference Makers in South Africa. Awarded 2 years in a row: The De Vaal trophy for Exceptional Acts of Humanitarianism. Registered ASCHP Counsellor (Psychology). Registered CMASA Case Manager. Representative of the Foltra Foundation Africa.

Hospital Affiliation: Foltra Foundation

Title: Independent Researcher. Case Manager. Foltra Foundation Rep: South Africa

Advanced Degree(s): M.Sc

About Our Company

Project - Neurogenesis: recovering motor and cognitive functions

Location: 3 Ayrshire Road. Benmore Gardens.
Sandton, GT 2196

Founded: 2018

Product Stage: Ready

YTD Sales: Working on it

Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

Would you like your child to walk again, or your sister to talk again, or for your husband to have his cognitive functions back so that he can go back to the work that he enjoys? This is what the treatment offers, a chance to recover lost motor and cognitive functions. Every life is precious and worthwhile and nothing is more profound than seeing a loved one gaining back some of what they have lost.

By inducing stem cells in the brain, it is possible to regenerate the brain. No surgery is required, it is the inducement and additional production of Stem Cells that you already have via injections and tablets. These Stem Cells turn into different types of neurons, glia, astrocytes and oligodendrocytes, which use chemical signals to migrate to the damaged parts of the brain, restoring damaged pathways and creating new ones. Dr Jesus Devesa began his research 40 years ago and developed a way to harness neurogenesis to restore lost functions. There is other research as well that indicates that treatment can be effective.

Disorders and Insults such as Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, Near Drowning, Traumatic Brain Injury, Treatment Resistant Depression, Alzheier's and Dementia could be treated with good outcomes.

How We Help Physicians

Main Objective

To prove the efficacy of a treatment that harnesses neurogenesis to regenerate the brain, thereby recovering motor and cognitive functions in a diverse range of disorders. Research on the below is available via research sites such as PubMed and Medline.

Proposed Scientific Objectives

To provide scientific evidence that neurogenesis can be harnessed for the regeneration of the brain :

  1. Growth hormone (main medical treatment protocol) recovers motor and cognitive functions by inducing stem cell proliferation, differentiation and migration in the CNS, specifically the brain.Growth hormone induces the expression of many trophic factors: IGF-I, BDNF, EGF, FGF, VEGF, EPO, all of them in the brain or in the peripheral tissues. It also induces the expression of proteins involved in brain plasticity and synapsis (Actin and Nestin), as well as in the remodelling of neural cytoskeleton. Growth Hormone, enhances and promotes vascular regeneration (angiogenesis and arteriogenesis), as well as protects and recovers the arterial endothelium damaged by atherosclerosis. Itpromotes the upregulation of Glut receptors (responsible for the increased uptake of glucose, the major fuel for neurons), and promotes neural survival after an injury via PIP3/Akt pathway, as well as protects the mitochondria..

    2)   Melatonin provides neuroprotection and repairs mitochondria, thereby improving cognitive processing and increasing processing speed. Melatonin is a powerful and safe hormone which is produced by cells in animals or vegetables (even unicellular) species. It acts as a strong scavenger of the toxic free oxygen radical species and  acts as anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, cardioprotective, antitumoral (even in gliomas). Melatonin is also produced in mitochondria where it is able to replace the genetic deficit of factors I and III participating in the respiratory chain that leads to the production of energy needed for muscles, neurons, etc. It is an antiepileptic, and it has been recently shown that melatonin is able to destroy the beta-amyloid plaques that lead to neuronal death in Alzheimer`s disease, as well as block the phosphorylation of tau proteins which destroy neurons in AD. Melatonin can be easily detected in plasma.    

By being able to prove the above we will be able to provide a cost effective form of non-invasive stem cell treatment for patients with injuries/illnesses or disorders.The final objective is to be able to provide this treatment to recover cognitive and motor functions so that they return to a fairly normal life .

How We Help Partners

Non-invasive stem cell treatment for a diverse range of disorders will recver motor and cognitive functions which could not be recovered previously due to the limitations of neuroplasticity.

Network Partner

We would establish a network of Doctors worldwide who may access and use the treatment. Often in rural areas and poorer coutries the cost of treatment is prohibitive and requires medical interventions that cannot be accessed. This provides an opportunity for ease of access and cost effective treatment with positive outcomes.

Organisation Partner

We would establish a partnership with organizations wo are interested in a cost effective solution that has a significant impact on the recovery of patients. This would be flexible and dependent on the organization.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

The innovation is based on the research and treatment of patients by Dr Jesus Devesa, who is collaborating in the Clincal Trials. Dr Devesa is the owner of the intellectual property.Detailed information on the treatment will only be revealed once confidentality and memorandum of understanding documents are signed. 

Clinical Information

We are currently in the process of establishing what funding we will be able to gain. This will determine the extent to which we carry out the Cincal Trials, as we are able to adapt to funding available. We have one of the top Clinical Trial specialists in South Africa working on the Trials and she has all the necessary expertise on all levels to ensure the correct conduct of the Trials.

We will be the first to prove treatment efficacy. There are many molecular studies and Case Studies, however it has not been feasible in other countries to conduct the Trials, thus we have done the appropriate research into conducting the Clinical Trials in South Africa, and this has been shown to be possible.

In searches on Pubmed and Medline the existing studies will come up. However to see most studies available I am able to provide a link to google drive where I have archived the most relevant research for professionals. Please request the google drive link and I will send it to you.


Regulatory Status

No FDA clearances have been done as yet, as we do not wish to start without understanding the funds available to conduct the Cinical Trials. All the required regulatory rules will be met by ourseves and our collaborators.

How we will use the funds raised

The funding for this project will cover the following areas:

 - patient treatment and rehabilitation

 - medication (treatment)

 - site investigators, research management and clinical advisors who may have to be on site full-time

 - data collection, analyses and provision of results.

 - possible international shipping of Scans and bloods.

Thank You

Having been faced with the news that my child would not recover, the tragedy of what others face is aways within my minds eye. By applying the treatment which is based on 40 years of research by Dr Devesa and others, I was fortunate, my child recovered. I wish to pass on this gift of hope to others, by making it accessible to all. Giving life back is priceless and a privilege.


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Cheryl Johnston
Independent Researcher. Case Manager. Foltra Foundation Rep: South Africa

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