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Nextbirth foundation: Nextbirth, Never alone anymore

by NDAM Tesla

830 women dies every day in the world when giving birth. 99% of them are from developing countries. Women shouldn't dies when giving birth, That's why we propose Nextbirth foundation
Douala, LT Cameroon Women(s) Health Sexual Health

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About our project

The problem we solve: women dies when giving birth because they don't have money to get good medical cares. New born babies dies because pregnant women do not made pre-birth visit.

About our solution: We provides free pregnancy healthcare to poor pregnant women and to anglophone crisis victim. We also give advices to all pregnant women who download our application Nextbirth

Progress to date:

More than 100 downloading of our beta test has been performed on playstore


About Our Team

Creator: NDAM Tesla

Location: Ceará

Education: Faculty of medicine and pharmaceutical scienc

Bio: During my level 5 hospital stage, I've seen a pregnant woman dies because she had take a medicine which were contre-indicate for her month pregnancy. In Cameroon 6000 women dies everyday when giving birth. Women must not die when giving birth!! That's why me and my team decide to propose Nextbirth foundation as a solution to reduce this high mortality, by providing quality healthcare to pregnant women

Title: Pharmacist

Advanced Degree(s): Ph.D

About Our Company

Nexbirth Foundation

Location: Akwa
Douala, LT 946

Founded: 2018

Twitter: @Nextbirth4


Product Stage: Ready

Employees: 20-50

How We Help Patients

My project will help pregnant women to take good care of themselves and generally it will accompany women in their while sexual life

My project will provide free healthcare for poor pregnant women

Innovation Details

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Clinical Information

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Regulatory Status

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How we will use the funds raised

The funds will be use to 

-provide free medical follow up to pregnant women from far north zone and anglophone crisis victims

-Sensitise women on diseases 

Thank You

Support Nextbirth foundation is saying "no to mother and child mortality"


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25,000 goal

NDAM Tesla
Faculty of medicine and pharmaceutical scienc

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