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Recovery Coach: Self care by addiction patients supported via telehealth

by Varun Goyal

Health Recovery Coach is a digital care platform clinically designed to assist SUD patients in managing their recovery and help create habits for a sustainable sober lifestyle.
Carmel, IN United States Mental Health COVID-19 Home-Based Care Equity Raise WarOnCOVID challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: Only 4M addiction patients receive treatment out of 20M, either due to stigma or access issues. Only 12% of the US population is health literate which makes majority not known to medical jargon or know how to obtain information on managing their health. Patients need clinical grade digital tools that can guide in self care at home with connectivity to trusted clinicians.

About our solution: Illuminate has built best aspects of the 12 step approach, mindfulness and self-tracking, on top of a foundation of medication management, all supported via telehealth for enablement of remote care delivery by providers.

Progress to date:

Successful pilot in 2019 starting with one hospital and expanding to 5.  Also implemented a social service organization and in conversations with numerous addiction treatment clinics

About Our Team

Creator: Varun Goyal

Location: Indiana

Bio: Varun has 18+ years experience in healthcare and technology building enterprise products and solutions in his past experience. Varun leads the organizations customer relationship, partnership, data strateg and user experience that impact patient lives. Prior to Illuminate, Varun worked in strategy and leadership roles in Availity and Hill-Rom. He has also worked at tech giants Oracle and Motorala. Completed his MBA (Healthcare, Strategy, Marketing) from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and M.S, Computer Science from University of Chicago.

Title: CEO & Co Founder

Advanced Degree(s): MBA (Marketing, Management and Strategy in Healthcare), MS (Computer Science)

About Team Members

Loy Mascarenhas
Software Developer, MS, Computer Science
Biography: 8+ plus years of experience as a full stack Javascript developer. Loy has worked with large IT organization like Siemens Healthineers, Tech Mahindra. He completed his master of Science from Illinois Institute of Technology and bachelors in computer engineering from University of Mumbai
Title: Software Developer
Advanced Degree(s): MS, Computer Science

Mark Rogers
Clinical Pharmacist, Doctor of Pharmacy
Biography: Mark has 14+ years in inpatient care and retail pharmacy. Currently clinical pharmacist at Illuminate, Mark support the clinical organization utilizing data and designing engaging user experience to impacting lives. Mark has deep clinical experience in his roles at Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana. Prior in his experience he has worked as pharmacist in IU Health, Express Scripts and Marsh. Completed his Doctor of Pharmacy from Butler University, Indiana.
Title: Clinical Pharmacist
Advanced Degree(s): Doctor of Pharmacy

Seth Joseph
Strategist, MS, Strategy and Analysis
Biography: Seth has 15+ years of experience in Strategy and Healthcare IT . Seth is driven to scale up illuminates solution to empower care givers to provide better quality care at lower costs. In the past, Seth has worked in strategy role at Surescripts and CVS Caremark. Completed his MS in Strategy and Analysis & Entrepreneurship from Questrom School of Business, Boston University and bachelors in Arts, Political Science from University of Wisconsin.
Title: Strategist
Advanced Degree(s): MS, Strategy and Analysis

Ruiston Dsouza
Business Development Manager, MBA (Marketing) , PGDM (Operation)
Biography: Experience in Healthcare IT, Phamaceutical and Lifescience. Ruiston has worked strategic partnership, business development and marketing in his past roles. He has completed in MBA, Marketing from Xavier Institute of Management and PG Diploma in Operation
Title: Business Development Manager
Advanced Degree(s): MBA (Marketing) , PGDM (Operation)

Julie Ugarte
Director, Business Development , MBA (Business Administration and Management
Biography: Experience as a business strategist and entrepreneur in successfully capturing U.S. market entry, transformation and growth for a wide array of companies. Julie's career include both independent consulting work inside companies and at marketing agencies. She has made contributions in the technology, nutrition/health, beverage, non-profit and health advocacy, environmental and sustainability, and pharmaceutical/biotech industries. From market analysis to positioning and growth, I deliver results in data-driven planning, business development, effective content development, stakeholder alignment, and in-market execution agility. She holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.
Title: Director, Business Development
Advanced Degree(s): MBA (Business Administration and Management

About Our Company

Illuminate Health

Location: 12400 N Meridian St
suite 150,
Carmel, IN 46032

Founded: 2017



Twitter: @illuminatehlth


Product Stage: In the Market

Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

Given health literacy issues, patients are lost when it comes to self care at home where majority of healthcare takes place. Patients need clinical grade guidance on when and how to take medications, communicate with trusted clinicians and get support from peers or family members. A holistic tool that can help with mental health as well as chronic conditions, lifestyle modifications like diet education, and list community resources is needed, which is illuminate health.

How We Help Physicians

Providers need better information on how and what their patients are doing between visits, compliance with care plans, and easy ways of communicating and tracking for timely interventions. That's how the illuminate tools can help providers.

How We Help Hospitals

Hospitals struggle with discharge, ambulatory follow-ups, management of certain high risk populations and patient satisfaction. That is where illuminate comes in.

How We Help Partners

illuminate can help data and population health vendors close the loop via real-time monitoring, enable care management and disease management vendors round out their portfolios with the keen medication optimization capabilities. Care services teams can utilize our platform to enable their delivery and ongoing monitoring.

Challenge Mission

COVID Problem We Address

We help patients with digital tools to perform self care with a focus on medication management for chronic conditions.  Given the sheltering in place requirement, it is critical patients with underlying conditions stay on top of their medications.

For patients struggling with Substance Use Disorder (SUD), isolation is a killer and our digital tools help stay on track with recovery; connect via group chat with peers, get suggestions on meditations or motivational readings if you are feeling low.  

Providers can utilize our remote management tools to deliver virtual care, communicate via secure chat messaging, track symptoms and ensure compliance with therapies. 

Our COVID Solution

The Illuminate Health platform helps with 

  • Triage: Direct patients to appropriate care, ideally keeping them away from ER and other infection-prone settings
  • Ambulatory Care: Perform asynchronous telehealth via secure chat messaging
  • Follow-up and Monitor: Manage chronic and other conditions, and manage patients remotely

Benefits and Objectives:

  • Easy to use for patients - App based, and providers - web portal-based
  • Decrease in-person visits to limit exposure to COVID-19
  • Unlock provider capacity
  • Provide continuity of care and monitoring remotely
  • Easy reimbursement through new telehealth reimbursement codes for care provider

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

Utility Patent pending : System and Method for Safe and accurate self administration of medications

Clinical Information

Study has been around patient engagement, retention and satisfaction.  Clinical outcome studies are next step but need funding

Regulatory Status

Current product does not need FDA clearance.  Future roadmap for digital therapeutics will require FDA clearance

How we will use the funds raised

Apart from ongoing technical and client related operational expenses, focus of fund raise is to scale reach to markets outside the midwest, fund a clinical study, and enhance AI capabilities for therapy optimization

Thank You

I started because of personal experiences wherein my wife and i came close to a potential miscarriage due to a medication error.  I made a resolve to build a clinically intelligent tool to prevent other people from having to go through the same.  As I watch my dad struggle with diabetes care which takes 66 minutes or more per day, or a nehew battling addiction, my mission to utilize technology to empower patients just gets more cemented.  The Opioids crisis has wreaked havoc on families and is suffering as we undergo a pandemic amidst the ongoing epidemic.  Not just the patients, but the family members caring for them, need tools like ours.  Help us support the public health efforts via our technology platform. Thank you. Varun.

Investor Info

Market Size

Based on 20M addiction patients in the U.S, the market is close to $2B assuming a $100 per person per year product.

Given a B2B2C strategy, based on 14,800 addiction centers, the annual opportunity is $100M

Targeting behavioral health units within health systems, the annual opportunity is $70M

Projected 3 Year Growth

Our goal is $100,000 in Annual recurring revenue by early 2021

Revenue Model

We have started out on the provider side of the healthcare ecosystem with them paying for access for their patients. Our goal is to show outcomes and be sponsored by the payer side (Medicaid, Employers, Medicare).  The new telehealth reimbursement codes will aid adoption now that providers can be paid for services delivered via our platform


There are a slew of medication reminder apps, addiction apps, meditation apps and so on.  Illuminate has taken a comprehensive and holistic approach knowing patients are not going to use more than one app.  The gap in the market is of a clinically intelligent tool in the hands of consumers which is what we are filling given our guidance on when to take medications and proactive medication safety checks.  


Current pipeline is focused on independent addiction clinics, several partnership conversations also ongoing

Due Diligence Docs

Please note that access to the company's confidential materials is limited. Click this button to request access from the Company and its representatives.



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