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xRcovid: The first mobile app for Covid-19 Testing and Diagnosis

by Jean Viry-Babel

xRcovid can analyse and monitor results from RDTs (rapid diagnostic serological tests) for Covid-19. Thanks to its AI, the app can guarantee the reliability of the test and the clarity of the result.
Aix-en-Provence, France COVID-19 AI in Medicine Biotech WarOnCOVID challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: Large scale Covid testing. Mass testing is key in ending safely the lockdown. The more we can test the better we get an understanding of the spread of the virus, protect everyone and restart the economy

About our solution: Simply with a smartphone and an RDT, this solution allows authorities to test and track the prevalence of the virus. The smartphone camera takes a picture of an RDT and the AI of the app then ensures the conformity of the test. It reads and interprets the result for the user, and displays whether the test is positive, negative or inconclusive. The app can: - Guarantee the reliability of the test and the clarity of the result - Ensure compliance of rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) - Most importantly, by logging the results of hundreds of thousands of tests, we can understand in real time where the hotspots are and which places are past the peak. This allows authorities to make nimble, smart decisions about where to put resources and where to consider lifting restrictions. By using this app, we can help create and ensure covid-19 free spaces. It allows authorities to know in real time the data related to the spread of the virus, guaranteeing clear results and consistent tests.

Progress to date:

Our app is already available on iOS. Two French hospitals are currently using xRcovid. One of them, in Paris, has been using our app for more than 5 weeks. They were firstly testing its ability to read RDTs and are now using it fully, first to read RDT and then to track the results for their epidemiological research. The other one is using xRcovid to evaluate the prevalence of the virus within a specific community in Marseilles. We are also in contact with Colleges in the UK and companies worldwide. Full scale deployment to public next week

About Our Team

Creator: Jean Viry-Babel

Location: Dhaka

Bio: a few fun years learning (MA, MBA) a few formative years in consulting (SAP, Eurostat) a few glamorous years in advertising (Publicis) a few serious years in consulting (Accenture, RIsk and Regulation) a life changing disease, a life changing operation end on co-founding xRapid and its life saving app...

Title: CEO

About Our Company

xRapid Group

Location: Avenue Louis Philibert Domaine du Petit Arbois Bâtiment Poincaré
Aix-en-Provence, 13 13290

Founded: 2015


Twitter: @XrapidG

Product Stage: Prototype/MVP

Employees: 20-50

How We Help Patients

With our application, we believe that the more you know, the more information that you have - the more you can take control of the situation. The more we can be informed, the more proactive we can be with our responses and solutions. If we can systematically and uniformly test everyone, we can help patients live longer and healthier lives.

How We Help Physicians

We provide instant, cheap test results immediately available to be disclosed to the patients.

How We Help Hospitals

We provide instant, cheap test results immediately available to be disclosed to the patients.

Challenge Mission

COVID Problem We Address

3 main problems: The first one relies on security. Currently there are many serology rapid diagnostic tests but their results are uneven. Some of them are reliable and some can detect the antobodies less than 50% of the time. Therefore there is firstly a need of securing this tests. The second problem is the traceability of the results. Health authorities need those results to be able to track the virus and get an understanding of the spread and prevalence of the virus. Finally mass testing is the key, everyone deserve to know their covid status to protect themselves and the others. As mentioned by WHO, testing is the solution. Our solution will benefit everyone, from individuals, companies, health workers to authorities.

Our COVID Solution

Security: The patented AI of the App guarantees the reliability of the test (RDT) and the clarity of the result. We can give a percentage of reliability for these RDT based on their specificity and sensitivity.

Traceability: The results, time, location and the epidemiological data can be sent to a secure server to which health authorities could have access.

Ending Lockdown: xRcovid can play a decisive role enabling widespread screening for a safe end to lockdown. The app can currently read 1000 tests in one hour.

By using this solution the results are read in the same way, giving uniformity and allowing everyone to be tested.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

Automatic reading of rapid diagnostic seriological tests (RDTs) through Artificial Intelligence.

Clinical Information


Regulatory Status


How we will use the funds raised

Fundswill be put towards developing the application on Android, as well as research and development for future products that will use a similar technology.

Thank You

We all need to do whatever we can in the fight against this Covid. As the director of WHO said: "We have a simple message for all countries: Test, test, test"



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